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The Shoutbox Archive

Metzae: I finally got the shout box up-and-running. Yay! Aren't you thrilled?
guest: just shouting
Metzae: I wanted to test this out and make sure it is working.
PapA-J: looks good so far
guest: eric is a programming god!
Daniel: they're right, eric is a programming god!
BigJ: Eric is god, foo'
Metzae: There is no Eric.
Daniel: how do i make the main pic on this page change?
Metzae: Try clicking the main pic. It should randomly display a picture each time.
guest: there is no eric, only zool
Metzae: Does that mean that Rush Limbaugh is the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man?
guest: how do i see the soldier vid?
me: anyone?
Metzae: Get registered, log in, and right-click the download link.
BigJ: I took a dump on an auto-flush toilet the other day and it flushed itself twice!
guest: uknown russian soldier
Metzae: Jesus. People really want to see that video. This isn't a search box, by the way. :o)
guest: 1231235489
Metzae: Ooh. Big number.
guest: hey this is nick and i cant check my e-mail
guest: ohh hwat up by the wat
guest: say foo are you there?
Metzae: Nicky-poo, if you want to check your email you can find where to log in under the "peripherals" link in the left frame.
Papa-J: people are funny
Metzae: Why for say you this?
guest: People suck don't lie to yourself
karidupler: :o)
KariDupler: Anyone interested in buying an 80G hard drive?
swizzle: no
swizzle: ehs
swizzle: what happend to the website. where are the forums
Metzae: I moved the forum links around so they would be more obvious. Look to the left...
guest: hello...
guest: thanks for the happy b-day eric :)
Tex: site looks great eric
Metzae: Thank ya, Tex.
guest: sdfdf
guest: eric it me alan devons friend like the page u should email me
guest: hi
guest: are you there
Metzae: I am here. I'm always here. Who is this?
Nick: eric, the omnipresent
Nick: How it be playa?
Metzae: I be goot. Jew?
guest: Earthday Network's Online Voter Registration System
guest: ayhan_ozveren
Odd Nick: happy 420 mutha bitches!
Odd Nick: notice the green all around the site! make sure you download reefer madness!
guest: hello?
Eoin: Sara?
Metzae: I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday.
guest: hey
guest: hey
guest: sex
guest: k
guest: k
guest: hi
astrid: helow!
astrid: anybody here?!!
astrid: can i join dis rum?
Metzae: Eh...just so we're clear, this is not a chat room. Anyone can join, though.
jimmy: wazzup
guest: hi there might i ask what this is q ga
guest: i believe that i know the girlfried of the person thta made this sight
guest: ok.......guess not
guest: hey
josh: who is here?
PapA-J: noone..this is like a big post-it
guest: russian soldier
Bill O'Reilly: damn hippies
Metzae: damn soulless political propagandist sell-out scum fucks
guest: hey
Metzae: Hey, what's up?
Nick: ohh yeah baby, king of the music quiz right here ya'll!
W00T!: Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
George W. Bush: you got any bombs lyin around? ok...well if you find any, would ya mind terribly if we planted 'em in Iraq? thanks.
guest: Trex
guest: Hi
guest: "Tengo gusto de extremos grandes y no puedo mentir."
poop: sucks
Metzae: Actually, no poop sucks...if you know what I mean?
guest: heellooo
Metzae Imposter: I feel poopie.
Metzae Imposter: If ever there was a day that i did not feel myself...wait wait..lemme reword that. If, one day, I find myself..not myself..damnit nevermind. this isn't THE metzae. I am an imposter. poo.
metzae: ooh! Navy Seals!
guest: heh
guest: heh
Metzae: Giggity-giggity-giggity!
guest: FUCK
Metzae: Wow. Eloquent.
guest: i like the cost of bushs war
Metzae: Did you know that for what it has cost so far that you could put the entire city of Chicago through a 4-year university?
nabakov: again ah say: FUCK
Metzae: uh-gin, me say elukwent.
dsfdsf: dsf
Metzae: You know, the conversation on this thing has proven to be as interesting as any other chat room.
not a guest: thsi box brought to you by.. thel etters B..O...and X...and the number -293
guest: HI ALL
guest: ANY HOT WOMEN IN HERE?????????
guest: ANY HOT WOMEN IN HERE?????????
Metzae: This isn't a chat room. Besides, the hot women wouldn't respond to that line, anyway.
guest: OMG what ashti stain site. Learn to fucking write compliant code you ass wipe.
PapA-J: gotta love constructive criticism..
Metzae: Yeah, that same loser said the same thing in a chat room to me. Just because he uses a weird browser, he thinks everything has to conform to him. It must be frustrating to be so goddamn uptight.
guest: hi eric
guest: cool web site
guest: I hope you can achieve your objectives one day!
guest: r budd dwyer
redneck: i wanna see ded peepel
Roxy: Hi?
sweetness: Eric you are sooo awesome!!!!!!!
guest: blow me
guest: i said blow me
guest: blow me please
guest: ill give you a dollar
Metzae: Sounds like someone is in need of a hug.
PapA-J: No. it sounds like someone needs a blowjob. cant you read?
guest: hi
guest: jlrockland @
guest: HI
Metzae: Aw...well, thank you! I've never had such sweet and well thought out compliment. Truly you are a person of insight and vision unparalleled in the literary world. I am humbled by your greatness and your eloquence.
BigJ: what a dick... eric
BigJ: What i meant to say before i hit the enter key too soon was, "what a dick... eric's the shizznit"
Metzae: Uh huh...surrrrrrre. ;o)
guest: kerry never had sex
guest: kerry never had sex
guest: kerry never had sex
guest: NOW WE SHOW
Metzae: You're an idiot.
Metzae: Anyone notice that today saw the 1,000th coalition soldier death in the Iraq war? Sad times...
guest: hi
guest: who r u
guest: iight one
guest: kerry never had sex
guest: WAY
Metzae: What the hell difference does it make that Kerry has never had sex? I mean, assuming it's true...which I'm sure it isn't.
guest: yea, look at his daughter..tough to pull off that stunt...
wra4ng13rg1r14u: HOWDY
BigJ: i hate stupid people... a.k.a. bush supporters
BigJ: boy, i sure want to vote for bush now.. just look at the happy supporters!
guest: i think every1 who is a kerry suporter has never had sex
guest: hey big J i hope that ur s.n isnt reffering to ur pinies
guest: n kerrys daughter us adoppted
Metzae: Well, well...our last guest was a real genius, wasn't he? I can't tell if they were making fun of your pennies or your penis.
Metzae: By the way, there is no need to censor yourself here. Say whatever the fuck you want. :o)
BigJ: "pinies"? what a retard
BigJ: eric, say something to offend him please...
Metzae: I don't really need to. His own words are embarassing enough, don't you think?
guest: You people are so mean
BigJ: we are in complete agreement
Metzae: We're not mean unless they deserve it.
Metahalo: Metzea: How do you feel that I caught you in a semantic checkmate?
Metahalo: Metzea: How do you feel that I caught you in a semantic checkmate?
Metahalo: You DO know that's the premise of a debate? That when a person can not move to deny the point, a victor is declared?
Metahalo: I deeply appologize for rhetorically trouncing you.
Metzae: ::sigh:: If you want to see what this guy is rambling about, read our conversation.
BigJ: holy shit what an idiot! he has no sense of logic and reason and a twisted idea of what atheism is about.
BigJ: that conversation makes me sad for the world
BigJ: anyone with any knowledge of logic can easily tear apart his supposed arguement... too bad he's too busy trying to get us lost in details to defend the basis of his claim.
guest: tryed to register, but ti's not work'n. Maybe it's just not ment to be
Metzae: AOL members have a hard time getting it work because of how it messes with their IP address. Maybe that's why you're having a problem...? Maybe?
Metahalo: I'm such a retard.
PapA-J: I won a religious argument with an Aimbot! Lookatme!
guest: I do have AOL... anyway I can beat this virus I openly downloaded?
guest: yeah, uninstall Aol, then get a real ISP.
Metzae: Or better yet, don't download and activate viruses.
papa-j: i meant that aol was the virus.
guest: amanda
guest: i agree
tommy: fuck you
tommy: fuck big j
guest: fucken pussy
tommy : fuck u bitch
BigJ: fuck your mother tommy
guest: well...guess you guys are ganna have to live without my casue mommys pay'n for AOL and can't fight that
guest: why does this web site only show the bad of war.... it shows rhat the webmaster and people involved are truky cowards
AOLgot's me: Hun it's call and opinion we share one. Don't like it? GOOD make a site, have me read it and tell me I'm wrong
Metzae: So, tell me...what is the good side of war? Tell us all. And what's a truky coward? I don't know a truck or a truk. Where can I get one?
Metzae: AOLgot's me: I like your style, maaaan.
BigJ: war makes people like you... hehe
PapA-J: have your mommy pay another 10 bucks a month for broadband, sbc works fine. think about 10 dollars more for 10 times the speed and 10 times less hassle. Use AIM for your precious buddy list and IRC for your precious chat rooms. Lose the spyware, trust me.
PapA-J: I don't mean to offend, its meant as a helpful suggestion.
rrrico rrrombokas: Why do computer scientists confuse halloween and christmas?
rrrico rrrombokas: Because Oct 31 = Dec 25
rrrico rrrombokas: ho ho ho. I'll be here all week, folks. Tip your waitress.
BigJ: huh? i must be retarded
Metzae: Yeah, you lost me, too. I'm lost. See, where am I? Who knows? Not me because I'm lost.
seamanhorney: just wanted to say hello !
AOL got's me: yeah...I agree about the broadband bit and have tryed to just leads to a conversation about me being online too much, not worth the hastel guys. Yep Jokenot funny Ionno I would say try again to be positive but... i don't knwo that i want u to. Thanks Metzae
AOL got's me: ^ I didn't do that
Metzae: Didn't do what? I'm having trouble following you. Give us a screen name!
rrrico rombokas: gah, people. Octal (Oct) is base 8. So 31 = 3*8^1 + 1*8^0 = 25 in decimal, which is 2*10^1 + 5*10^0 .
rrrico rombokas: And you know, since they're computer scientists... you know ... arg nevermind
BigJ: ooooohhhhhh.... i get it.
BigJ: wait... no i dont
guest: worst. joke. ever.
Metzae: Damn! I hate feeling like a dumbass. How about this one? A Buddhist goes up to a hot dog vendor and says, "Make me one with everything."
AOL got\'s me: I didn't send my last post twice. Maybe it's just on mine. Yeah I'm still not getting the joke... but I'll run it by my programer friends...maybe they will give u the praise you deserve rrrico
guest: Metzae I have hotmail and aim, which one u want?
guest: ^ opps, From : AOL got's me
PapA-J: Q: What does a mathematician do when he's constipated? A: He works it out with a
PapA-J: Pencil
Metzae: Ew.
Metzae: I mean, it's funny, but...
Metzae: Ew.
aol\'s got me: True story, this guy I know straited a hanger and tryed to work him out that way... he woke up in the hospital
aol\'s got me: Crazy fuck, couldn't look at him the same after that one
Metzae: Jesus...this isn't a search box.
PapA-J: guest is Jesus? holy cow.
BigJ: if jesus is guest, then the moon is made of cheese
Jesus: Goggle Search: Heartburn
guest: my cousin is full od shit
guest: my cousin is full of shit
guest: get a job, Eric
guest: get a job, Eric
guest: You lazy bastard
Metzae: And, who is your cousin?
guest: matt tole me he wants to play magic. right now.
Metzae: I'm up for Magic when you're up for Magic. Let's play!
guest: call matt he wants to play he told me. he said "i'll fuck eric up with this hill giant i just got bitch." he called you the bitch.
BigJ: his hill giant doesn't beat my cock monster.
Metzae: Cock monster!? I'll trade you two Breast Beasts and a Vaginal Overlord for that!
BigJ: i'll only give it up for a Clit Lord and Anal Assassin
Aol\'s got me: Aww it's cute to see you horny basement dwellers get into your tecnical lingo
Metzae: I guess this is hard for you to understand, but some people use sarcasim when they're trying to be funny. I don't think a Cock Monster is a real card, but thanks for the inane comment!
BigJ: i'm not horny, i have a g/f and i actually live on the second and third stories of my building... you're 2-0
AOL...ect.: it was a joke... :-\
guest: So is AOL.
guest: oh sorry...that was a joke
Metzae: Joking is not allowed. Fundamentalists may be nearby.
HeavensGuest: You rang?
BigJ: haha.. now thats a joke!
Metzae: It's not a joke, BigJ. Just'll see what I mean.
Metzae: Oh, yeah? Who is Bill?
BigJ: you know... that guy.... bill...... BILL!
Metzae: Oh, yeaaaah. Bill. How stupid of me to forget.
BigJ: i'll let it go this time... but dont ever for get again or death will come to you.... praise allah!
guest: hello??
BigJ: what the fuck does that mean? i consider it "retarded"
guest: I think it's Bill. He's an alien you know?
Metzae: Bill? Billbo? Or, are we talking about Bill Hicks? We should talk about him, regardless.
BigJ: Bill Hicks Bill Hicks Bill Hicks Motherfuckers!
PapA-J: He had alot of nothin to say, didnt he?
Metzae: We'll miss him.
guest: NO love your site, blogrolling it now
Metzae: Sweet! Thank ya...
guest: sex
guest: Dr. House's new ideas for quartering the mentally ill seemed a great improvement on the old style of asylum, which closely resembled bastilles. The new hospital implemented the "cottage system" and by the late 1930's eleven different buildings were used to house patients, with the hospital's patient and employee population dictating construction or demolition in the ensuing years.
Steph02144: something like the House on Ash Tree Ln?
guest: hi hi hi
Metzae: someone just copying from their college papers, or what? That was informative, but I don't really see the relevance. Please essplaaane. :o)
guest: i bet it has something to do with the house on ash tree lane.
Metzae: You know, I bet you're right. Um...what is the House on Ash Tree Ln? A book? A story? The place where Freud was born?
PapA-J: Perhaps the person is referring to the novel "House of Leaves" . some kind of horror novel about a house on Ash Tree Lane that is bigger on the inside than on the outside...
Metzae: Oh, shit! I was supposed to read that book. I hear it is amazing...
Metzae: ::blush:: Yes, I am a loser. I promise I'll get on that. By the way, it's good to see you on here again, Kirk.
guest: YAH BITCH>> GIT RIGHT ON THAT ... WITH THINKIN. (&how's L-town, dawg?)
Metzae: Levelland is the same as it will always be. Lubbock, too, only bigger.
guest: bigger how? like, viagra bigger?
guest: boioioioioong!
Metzae: That was funny...
guest: i see you on your webcam. SHOW US SOME SKIN
Metzae: Lubbock does equal schlong. Show you skin? Am I a female now?
BigJ: hire some strippers and put them on the webcam
BigJ: now THATS entertainment
guest: Beware the bunnymen. BEware!
Metzae: Strippers? Check. Bunnymen? Um...Czech?
guest: BUNNY.
Metzae: Ah...bunnies and strippers...I see. It's all coming together now.
PapA-J: 3 more days.
guest2: hi
guest2: good site
Metzae: Thank you, guest2. That means a lot coming from you. :o)
Metzae: 2 more days.
Metzae: Uno más dia...
Metzae: Today is Star Wars day!
Chewie: GGGAAAaaahhh... (back of the throat)
guest: STAR WARS!!!
Metzae: I have my copy. Do you? ;o)
BigJ: no...
PapA-J: jes, i do. ive also got BATTLEFRONT. lick it.
BigJ: aren't we the uber-dork
guest: "next time around, i don't wanna be a man. i wanna be an octopus. remember that."
guest: particle philosophy, disintigration of the great design...the habit, addiction of being alive: still not enough. a dimming glimmer of a man walking into a lake...
BigJ: wow... almost interesting
Metzae: Indeed.
Me: is it bad when your penis bleeds?
Metzae: It depends on whether or not you have a penis.
Me: by "have," do you mean currently attached to your body? or would recently detached count?
Metzae: Do you mean "detached" as in going your separate ways or by brutal hacking?
Me: "estranged by forceful blows"
holys: go, sounds horrible
guest: haha. PENIS. and its walking around by itself, trying to fuck moist places. haha. dumb cock.
BigJ: my rectal juices are flowing....oh rapture!
guest: can i get a 'fuck you' for half- life 2? goddammmm
BigJ: why? half-life kicks ass
Metzae: It would seem to me that there is a miscommunication over slang. Mmyehs.
guest: how big is Lubbock?
guest: you there?
Metzae: I'm always here, but this isn't a chat room. Lubbock has a little more than 200,000 people.
BigJ: penis, penis, penis, i made you out of clay..... penis, penis, penis, it's with you i will play (sung to that jewish dradle song)
Metzae: Hee hee...are you watching the debate? Bush couldn't give a straight answer to save his life.
BigJ: he sounded like a robot... "stay the course" "better without saddam" "msg to our troops"
Metzae: Yeah, he said "mixed messages" more than a half dozen times, which is basically another way of saying flip-flopper. I wonder why he didn't say it. Could be because he knows it's political bushit?
BigJ: he probably can't say it correctly... just like he AGAIN could not say "nuclear" correctly... shouldn't our prez. be able to speak our language and set an example? i guess not
Metzae: What a funny coincidence. Just as I'm reading what you said, the cartoon to the left has Dubya saying, "Optimistical."
BigJ: "trans-shipment" was my favorite from last night
guest: eric are you there, this is pup.
guest: well, so you know, we're playing poker over at steve's tonight. SHow up if you can.
guest: bush is the best
Metzae: Best what?
guest: he is the best president since reagon
Metzae: Ehh...that's not saying much, never mind the fact that it isn't true. But, thanks for your input.
Metzae: Can you even prove to me why you think Reagan was a good president, or were you just trained to think that?
BigJ: because starting wars, cutting education funding, brushing the poorer aside, screwing the environment, and blocking scientific research is the american way
BigJ: in other words... FUCK BUSH.... actually FUCK REPUBLICANS
guest: I want my sweeties
BigJ: your sweeties are in my pants
guest: ha. sweety.
guest: howdy dammit
guest: WHOOP
BigJ: "whoop?"... you sound like a faggie
guest: kick boxer with broken leg
Metzae: Why do people think this is a search form?
Bush: Kerry is gay
guest: kerry is gay
guest: he is a fag
guest: Big J is gay
guest: Big J is a fag
BigJ: your wit astounds
Metzae: Yes, they are truly an intellect to be dealt with. Afterall, it only took them three tries to say Kerry is gay.
BigJ: i weep for the species
guest: margaret thatcher naked
guest: wait, is this a search form?
Metzae: Hmm...good question. What do you think? ;o)
BigJ: hey eric... looks like someone was searching for "dumbass"
Metzae: It's easy to find dumbasses. Just go to any creationist web site.
guest: ya need some ice?
Metzae: I don't get it.
guest: for that wicked BURN!!
Metzae: Oh, yes. ::blush:: How stupid of me. Now I need some ice for muhself.
guest: i like
guest: x
guest: fukikn drunk'
guest: less turn thss to what it really is: drunkk talk
guest: whos drunkk
Metzae: I love trying to type when I'm drunk, too. It's so damn hard but you just don't give a damn.
daniel: hey eric give me a call i got a question for you and am having serious e-mail problems
Metzae: Daniel, if you can, send me a message through my site. You don't need email to do that. I tried calling your cell and it said that it was temporarily unavailable. I will try again later.
daniel: hey man done, you can reply to my dell mailbox
Metzae: How are the Astros doing?
BigJ: one game away from going to the world series against boston
Metzae: A-maze-ing! I'll have to watch the Astros game tonight, then. Funny...I haven't even paid attention to baseball this season.
BigJ: well tonights game promises to be a good one... its on fox at 7
Metzae: Seven!? That's now! Aw, shit. And I'm at the library...
guest: Hi, i've just watched you littles movies and it was hilarous! Good job dude
guest: ha 'stros choked. go sox
guest: click here
guest: astros didnt choke, the Cards just rocked
Metzae: By the way, precognition doesn't exist.
PapA-J: Sure it does, cause i knew you were gonna say that.
Metzae: Damn! Debunked again...
BigJ: holy shit there are some bored humans in the world.... if only they would use their time for science
Metzae: It's a damn shame, really. People devote their lives to too many worthless causes.
BigJ: you mean like religeon? ba-zing
Metzae: Check out the Daily Show link on the left!
BigJ: yo eric.. do you know how to take a series of pictures and make them into a mini-movie? i want to do that with the lunar eclipse tonight with my telescope
kirkk: HEY - any of you see DJ tell him i got his msg. and that i'll be waiting for the information. and that at xmas i'll whoop his ass in spades. the end.
erikk: Ok, fools. I'm home 2 weeks christmas thru newyrs. ANd it is *I* who shall be whipping ass at spades. fin.
kirkk: KISS IT BIOOOTCH. and do you have neverwinter nights on that oeg? we need that too. and i'll get exact dates when j. and i will be down south.
Metzae: Awww yeaaaah . . . everyone is going south like lawyers for the election.
guest: ravaged, scorched: clean as bone(still, bless me
guest: ...
Metzae: My thoughts exactly.
guest: dook dook dook
Metzae: Vote!
Metzae: Vote!
Metzae: Vote!
BigJ: Done... :) popped my voting cherry
PapA-J: I as well have popped this "voting cherry"
Osama bin Laden: re-elect bush so i have a job for 4 more years.... stupid americans
Zogby: electoral votes
Bush: 213
Kerry: 311

guest: ugg. fucking hell.
Satan: Ah, yes. This election was much easier to pull off than I thought. Foolish mortals.
guest: GO BUSH!!!!
guest: :)
Osama bin Laden: HAHAHAHAHA
guest: slovo
Metzae: Why is it when I ask people why they voted for Bush they never give a straight answer?
BigJ: because they are robots
guest: What's the difference between an orchestra and a bull? The bull has the horns in front and the asshole in the back.
Metzae: Gotta love a good musician joke.
Metzae: Why do clarinets put their cases on their dashboards? So they can park in the handicap spaces.
BigJ: thats gay
Osama bin Laden: I'm Osama bin Laden... and I support!
Metzae: Well, aren't you clever.
Metzae: By the way, that Palpatine pic is fucking sweet.
PapA-J: Thank you, it took hours to figur out how to get it from photoshop to .gif format, but i think they turned out pretty well.
PapA-J: I put the full size pic in the "Images" section.
PapA-J: not a big star wars fan big J?
guest: i see your webcam is on....SHOW US THE BOOTY
Metzae: Ground Zero Suicide Inspired by Election
BigJ: no, i like star wars as much as the next guy, but not quite as much as you guys... disappointed theres no blood
Metzae: That's because there isn't any blood in the animation. Lucas only gave us so much to work with, that bastard.
BigJ: still a great series though
PapA-J: no blood = kids = bigger audience = more money. Its a shame, but for a fun story, its up there.
PapA-J: Theres kind of a "Bloody Mist" when Darth Maul gets sliced in that worth anything?
Metzae: You have to use your imagination, but there are trillions of people and thousands of species involved in war throughout the series. That's some serious death.
guest: DETH?
Metzae: Yeth...deth.
PapA-J: 2.The state of being ded
PapA-J: So, halo 2 is fun, but ive learned something valuable in my online playing..I suck
Metzae: Dear World, we are so very, very sorry.
Your God: Christians are stupid
guest: my god comes in a wrapper of cellophane
guest: pre-suffocated?
Metzae: Is there anything that is, at the same time, more suffocating and liberating than religion?
BigJ: my penis
Metzae: Truly, you are a poet among fools. I tip my hat to thee . . . my jimmy hat.
guest: personally i favour .50 cal for home defense. bitch.
guest: Steve, I sent you an e-mail about your DVD, did you get it?
Metzae: I could be wrong, but it looks like I missed part of the conversation.
BigJ: conversation?
Metzae: Yeah, um . . . I don't know where those last two replies came from or what they were about.
BigJ: probably some terrorists using a secret code to transmit information about an upcoming attack
guest: wasn't there something about small hands? with the "hip" kids? draw me some dirty pictures.
Metzae: Ah, okay. Now I get it. It's a random thought generator. Cool.
BigJ: so when i put my foot in the shoe, it fit. while riding a pony.
guest: eat turkey you capitalist pigs. EAT IT.
Metzae: Americans will throw enough food away this holiday season to feed all of Iraq. I wonder if anyone cares.
godiswithyou: visit: Matthew Allan's Fun House
Metzae: No offense, but religious home-schooled families creep me out. They're like cults you're born into.
MatthewAllan: but i am offended. now i CURSE YUO may grasshoppers fly out yr anus
HeavensGuest: Cult?! I was homeschooled in a religious family, and I KNOW that cults worship SATAN! not GOD.
guest: satan?
HeavensGuest: Webmaster, Satan, whatever.
Metzae: I go away for a day and look what you've done to the place!
BigJ: Cult - A system or community of religious worship and ritual
BigJ: cults DO worship god you fools....ignorance has given way to stupidity
god: No, god worships cults. It is a fact, I found it on the wiki
guest: shit i thought god worshiped allah. is that right? i think facts are like assholes. hell gods are like assholes
guest: actually: everytime i said "god" i meant "dog". damn dyslexia.
BigJ: god worships this dick
The Lord Almighty: I'm not one for blasphemy, but that one made me laugh.
HeavensGuest: God would never say that!
The Lord Almighty: What makes you think you can speak for me? Foolish mortal.
BigJ: see... gods got my back while the priests have my front...OOOOHHHHH
Suzan: Hey Metze don't for get to add her to the Family usergroup!
Metzae: Done.
guest: sHOTGUN
Suzan: Well CRAP I wanted Shotgun!!!!! Fine but I get it on the way back.
Tiffany: Bet!
BigJ: I'll give you 5 to 1 odds
guest: poor dumb cow
guest: poor dumb cow
Suzan: I BET 10 dollors I get it on the way back
guest: HAmoo moo moo
guest: chickenchaser?
Suzan: I know big deal right :)
guest: how's it feel to have $10 less than you had before?
Suzan: Well you win some and you lose some !
guest: hi
guest: I wish i was !!!
Metzae: Who doesn't? I mean . . . seriously . . .
BigJ: why wish, just smoke
guest: I WIsh i was TOo FKKKKKuck
guest: datshitzz wakk yo
Metzae: I wonder if that was Dahv that posted that link. Eh, Dahv? Was that you?
SCH: Everyone should Go here!
Roxy : Mwahhah Bwahah Mwahhaa
PapA-J: no more dahv. ever.
guest: fucken stoners
Dahv: stick it in!
Metzae: Wait, wait. Did that guest just slam stoners and missspellll fuckin'?
PapA-J: Symphonic Mario fucking rocks
Your Dad: I'm going to fuck your mother now!
Your Momr: Your Dad was wonderful as always!
Your Dad: I'm off to work honey!
Door: shut
Car: vroooooom
Door: open
"Uncle" Marty: I'm going to fuck your mother now!
Yr Moms Pimp: Where my money at?
Your Mom: Uncle Marty hasn't paid me yet
Metzae: Zzz . . .
PapA-J: He must have fallen asleep while typing...
BigJ: Eric! wake up dude! the house is on fire!
BigJ: oh, nevermind... its just my bong
Metzae: Oh, good. At least someone is nice and blasted.
Suzan: Eric where are you answer your IMs !!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP
Tyler: Eric not here. Eric went away.
Suzan: What are all these peole doing here?
Tyler: Paper Street Soap Company...better yet, don't ask.
Metzae: That's right. First rule of . . . nevermind.
Suzan: first off I didnt write that last thing. Second... nevermind.
BigJ: Happy Winter Solstice everyone!
Superfly: Its called X-mas, you hippie. We celebrate the birth of Malcolm X. Get over it.
Suzan: happy winter solstice
BigJ: i'd rather celebrate a shit stain in my underwear than malcolm x OR jesus
Metzae: What if . . . now, just what if . . . the stain resembled Jesus? I'd say that'd be worth a celebration.
Suzan: yep i think it is worth talking about atleast
Metzae: Me, too. And, I'm glad the owner of this site isn't going to put a stop to this kind of thing.
Suzan: what a great owner he is ;)
BigJ: god bless the owner! what a blessed population we are to have him to guide us! PRAISE JESUS!
BigJ: haha... just kidding... fuck jesus
Suzan: Nah...but If it were Mary then maybe hehehe ;)
Christian: i'm highly offended.. how could you say things like that about our lord and savior? you should be ashamed
Suzan: hey now dont use my sexual orientation in vain!!!!
Suzan: hehehe ;)
BigJ: check out the pot bill
Suzan: it is really sad when our fearless leader (the owner of the site) is not around to partake in the fun!
Yoda-J: no. there is another.
guest: democrats and their "marijuana cigarettes".
Suzan: I like them a lot
PapA-J: :waves hand: You will go and buy the new Bill Hicks DVD.
BigJ: I will go and buy the new Bill Hicks DVD
PapA-J: (it actually came out in October, but I just woke it's new to me. and its fucking amazing. worth EVERY penny.
Pinker33 {guest}: I have no clue who Bill Hicks is but I want to say this is a really good site
guest: francis ford copolla is yr dog's bitch. &that's all i have to say about that.
Metzae: Welcome, Pinker33! Hope you find plenty to keep you busy . . .
guest: well pinker, if you enjoy this site, you will enjoy Bill Hicks. He was a comedian who died in 94 due to cancer (pancreatic, i believe) who was a genius whenn it came to his work. Making people laugh, and making a few of those people think.
A Gay Dude: Damn I love sucking dick!
Metzae: That's really funny because I think they are trying to insult gay men by acting like a gay man. Wow. Well thought out insult.
Gay A Dude: I Damn dick love sucking!
Dude Gay A: Damn dick love sucking I!
Dude A Gay: Dick damn love I sucking!
Dude Gay A: Dick love I damn sucking!
Metzae: So, I was thinking. I visited a military pep rally disguised as a patriotic salute to our troops the other day and it got me thinking. Unable to get the patriotic music out of my head, I started developing a parody. Now I need someone who is willing to help me make it a reality. Can anyone find a karaoke version (i.e. no vocals) of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." and send it to me? I would be most appreciative. I have already written lyrics, and hopefully I can find someone to sing it for me. Then I will make it available online for everyone to download and share and love adn enjoy and wrap your virtual arms around. After all, if it's free there isn't a problem. And no one likes problems. You may wonder why I am still rambling at this point. Well, let's just say I have my reasons and hopefully no one will really care anyway. Besides, sometimes it's better to work around idiots than for them.
BigJ: can we havea taste of the lyrics? you've got me all excited... my rectal juices are flowing
BigJ: you know how much i love to make fun of god and america hehe
Metzae: Well, I don't want to release the lyrics just yet because I'm not finished. However, if you'll ask me I can show you what I have. I could other people's brains for this.
BigJ: alright... how about that thing you just said?
what the fuck you say?: dude eric i could other people's brains too and shit.
Metzae: Yeah, it sure looks like I left a word or two out. Let's call it a puzzle and see if you can figure out what I meant. Don't forget your helmet.
guest: Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers be good to your daughters
guest: wow, off that note
guest: what up @ ?
guest: :
spermy fish: :) I love you guys, I really do
eggy fish: NOT TOO CLOSE!
Metzae: I love all this conversation. I just wish I knew what it was about.
Suzan: Hey Eric... if you could just find a way to record me I know the Guitar chords to GBA and I could sing it if you want that. Otherwise I dont know where to get it on line without the words but I am up for anything. Just so you know ;)
guest: Just kazaa it.
Metzae: Believe me, if it was that easy I would've already done it.
music99: lilbirftolme
guest: what year for music - 99
anything good going on?: lilbirftolme
smeagol: smeagol sees it in his eye!
BigJ: sorry, i was aiming for your eye
Metzae: Smeeeeee-goooooool!
Some Dude: who the fuck is smeagol?
PapA-J: Wow. go rent The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Today.
PapA-J: That'll shed some light on the Smeagol question..and catch you up on current blockbuster films over the last few years.
Same Dude: what is lord of the rings?
Suzan: you're kidding right?
Old Dude: what are these moving pictures i hear of?
Metzae: LOL
Metzae: Okay. That was funny.
BigJ: damn, that guys is stupid
BigJ: stupid and old
Some Dude's Bitch: SHUTTUP
Some Dude: please yell into my good ear you old hag
Metzae: Folks, you don't even know who you're insulting. At least pick a different screen name.
BigJ: hehe... i love fucking with you people
BigJ: its interesting to insult yourself
Metzae: Ah, okay. I feel better knowing it is one person having fun rather than several people just being asses to each other.
BigJ: its me except for that bitch guy
BigJ: boy, that killed the conversation
Metzae: So, revive it!
BigJ: some christian fuckhead in the paper today said that the children dying in the tsunami was a "wonderful thing" because now they are in heaven... i dont even know what to say....
guest: keep yr asshole puckered...
guest: something about mutually assured destruction...
guest: ...fancy that a nuke on a kiss & a prayer.
Metzae: I support faith-based missle defense programs.
guest: do u ever show urself naked?
guest: My name is Alicia and I like to see naked males
guest: specially live
BigJ: you must post yourself first
Metzae: That's true. There has to be an exchange.
PapA-J: Yes. Indeed there must. Post your SOUL...
BigJ: .....or yourself naked... we'll accept either
Metzae: Yeah, in fact, I would prefer you post both.
guest: TITS......and ass!
BigJ: :)-I8--<
Nickolai: ay yo, the odd one in the ha!
Metzae: Nickypoo! Call me. Come by. Anything.
Nickolai: anyone here today?
Nickolai: ay foo, what up
Nick: why you need some green mon?
guest: ha
guest: say foo, i just tried to call you
Metzae: I know, bro. I got your message. Sadly, I was not near my phone.
guest: hey
guest: im new where you guys all from?
guest: any one there?
guest: oh well
Metzae: Yeah, sorry about that. This isn't a live chat room. Just say something and come back to see if anyone responded . . . like me.
his girl's a man: and me!
guest: and me!
bush: me too!
bush jr: dont forgit me!
ass smell: liek me too
french hooker: moi aussi!
SS: Ich auch!
PapA-J: and me?
SS: Du auch! Zeig Heil!!!!
PapA-J: Achtung!
SS: Ich habe eine lange Gurken und es schmeckt sehr gut!
PapA-J: Meine Gurken sind länger und Geschmack besser!
SS: NEIN!! Ich werde Ihre Mutter heftig rauben!!!
PapA-J: Ich schlug Sie zu es.
SS: Essen Sie die Erdnüsse aus meiner Scheiße heraus
guest: YAY!!! $80,000,000,000 more to Iraq!!!
guest: thank god our tax money is goin to helping people.
guest: thats so sweet and idealistic, to bad its hurting so many as well
BigJ: but those people are in heaven now so its a good thing they died right?
BigJ: or do i have this whole christianity thing all wrong?
Metzae: I think you've got it down pretty well.
eric's underage hooker: i think you go down pretty well too
eric's underage hooker's pimp: bitch, where ma money at?!
Metzae: Damn, that reminds me of sex . . .
Grandpa: ah the good ol' days when i could achieve an erection....
BigJ: grandpa! no one wants to hear about your WW2 boners!
Metzae: Viagra! The cure for being an old man.
Grandpa: i took one of those newfangled pills and my junk exploded...
Metzae: Sweet! You came and went at the same time!
guest: hey
Metzae: Hey, what's up?
concrete vagina: hey
PapA-J: Eric, stop reading now...
Metzae: Um . . . why?
PapA-J: War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere. In a stunning move, the fiendish droid leader, General Grievous, has swept into the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate. As the Separatist Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor....
PapA-J: Eric, you can read again.
Metzae: Wait, wait . . . are there spoilers on my web site!?
PapA-J: It's the opening crawl. It'll be gone as soon as someone starts lookin for the "Russian Soldier" again.
guest: 播放在线电影
guest: russian soldier? is that like: penis?
PapA-J: Check out Caught on Camera level 6 in the forum. people eat that shit up.
Metzae: I don't think there is any fecalphilia on my site.
BigJ: only in the shout box :)
Metzae: Hey, is that Chinese up there? Anyone know what it says?
PapA-J: You have muy confused me..
guest: Poker in the front, liquor in the back
gfunk: not guest gfunk!!
Metzae: Yo, G-Funk! Wut up, dawwwwwg?
A Black Dude: what up nigga
A White Dude: all fucking niggers must fucking hang!
Metzae: Just when I thought people couldn't be any more fucking stupid, you guys do that.
PapA-J: oh really? current avatar is a finished fight scene from episode stupid is that? ooh, and I'm looking for a new employer...any ideas?
Metzae: New employer!? Aw, maaaaaan . . . I'm sorry.
BigJ: open an underground brothel!
PapA-J: that is an enticing idea..
Metzae: I suggested he start working at the Flop. It seems we think alike.
guest: the flop? wtf?
Metzae: The Flop is the place where people get paid to let their "stuff" flop around.
Metzae: I think my ex will be working there soon.
gfunk: StarWars is looking for a new poker player!!
Metzae: Huh?
BigJ: would nibbles be an example of a flop? and no way, your ex as in the one i might know is going to work at one? hahahahaha
Metzae: Yes, Nibbles is a flop. And, yes, you're thinking of the right girl. No, she isn't really working there, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did these days.
BigJ: wow... i guess shes really "going down" hill
Metzae: Until she proves otherwise . . .
guest: your ex = dirtywh0re?
Metzae: Not necessarily . . .
guest: i've seen at least one of your ex's naked!
BigJ: thats not nice
PapA-J: I've seen one of my ex's naked..
Metzae: Which ex of mine have you seen naked, oh mysterious guest?
BigJ: i smell bullshit
PapA-J: I saw one of the X-men naked in that monster's ball movie. Halle Berry... mmmmmmm... halle..
Metzae: I want to show my monster ball.
BigJ: haha... nice
PapA-J: 99 days till Revenge of the Sith. double digits, bitches.
Metzae: Sweet Lucas! Will that day ever come?
George Lucas: Yes
Obewan: these aren't the droids you're looking for ...
Rick McCallum: These aren't the droids I'm looking for...move along.
Metzae: Ricky! Georgy! Gimme my damn movie already!
Metzae: News Flash: Hasta Luego party for Daniel Bullock tonight or tomorrow night. Call my cell phone.
Metzae: Right-click this and select "Save Target as..." for some great Star Wars reading music.
Odd Nicky: DUDE how is work?
Odd Nickolai: i hate work.... ah man, i hate the taste of gun metal...
The Odd One: i hate how my trigger keeps sticking
Odd Nick: ahh there we guh.......
Metzae: Ladies and gentlemen, the oddity known as Nick.
guest: if "i" were a tomato i would be named "franklin" so fuck you. as in:
Metzae: That makes little to no sense. Try again.
BigJ: if "i" were named guest i would go fuck myself
Metzae: Yeah, guests are nice, but if they'd give us a name they'd be more memorable.
Metzae: I've got your dork right here.
BigJ: they're so cute when they're small aren't they?
G Funk: You know everytime I come here, you 2 are always chatting
PapA-J: hey, me too!
BigJ: yes, you too... the mighty 3 of the shout box
kirk: dude erick i'm down with your darkthread thing just show me how cause i'm drunkk.
Metzae: Kirk! Go here: Just read a little, and see which story you'd be interested in. There are story summaries, but I have a much more involved summary for each of the authors.
BigJ: very interesting... great idea eric!
Metzae: Thanks, buddy. Anyone is welcome for consideration. I think we've almost got enough authors, so there is only one spot left. Anyone? Anyone?
PapA-J: I would, but I don't think I've ever finished a short story in my my application looks kinda shitty. I can proofread if you want me too. maybe an editor position is available?
PapA-J: oooh, even better! You can dedicate the book to me! Or you can put me on the cover! or I could have a centerfold in it!
Metzae: This is getting better and better. I could just have all my friends butt ass naked.
PapA-J: or you could make nudie pics using porn bodies and your friend's heads. make me a hot chick.
BigJ: I want a 3-foot, really.... 3 feet
BigJ: you've got photoshop right?
Metzae: Porn bodies? Why not friend's heads on ex-friend's bodies?
Metzae: Holy shit. I may be going crazy.
PapA-J: That'll be sufficient.
BigJ: boy, shout box is pretty quiet
boy: yea, I know. except for papaj runnun his damn mouth about nuthin.
Metzae: Geez, Papa-J. Runnin' yer mouf 'bout nuttin'. Yoo iz stoopid!
guest: i like how one of the Wachowski brothers is now a Wachowski sister.
Metzae: Waitaminute. There's a Wachowski sister?
BigJ: what is a wachowski?
Wachowski: My brother and I invented the Matrix trilogy.
PapA-J: I highly recommend headin to lucasarts website and watching the Revenge of the Sith video game trailer. And scope the crossed lightsabers in front of palpatine. yummy.
guest: oh, and eric, Frequency was delivered to my apt at 12:58 today. yippee for me.
Metzae: Yippie for you? Yippie for all of us!
guest: nonono. it 'used' to be the Wachowski Bros. now, one of them is a girl. as in: i took the money i duped out of you from matrix: reloaded and matrix: revolations and released the woman inside of me.
Metzae: What a bitch. Um . . . no offense.
PapA-J: Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
PapA-J: A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; it's conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?
PapA-J: damn me for not posting my name. now I shall never obtain credit for copy/pasting this marvelous joke.
Metzae: Oh yes you will.
Metzae: Happy Birthday BigJ!
guest: beachboi
Metzae: Uh . . . what?
BigJ: thanks dude... one year closer to death
PapA-J: Happy B-day, B-J
Odd Nickolai: Atheists are dum and stooped, and liers. so believe in god yu fulls.
Metzae: Well said.
nick: man section 18 in the music quiz is effin' hard. Good job Metze.
Metzae: Thank ya, dizzle.
Odd Nickolai: The U2 song in sec 18 isn't correct, the song title should be "One" foo.
Metzae: Holy shit. You're right. ::blush::
Sergi Sukmehof: my penis is big like russian woman
Metzae: Mmyehhhs . . .
BigJ: too stoned to type?
G-Funk: The U2 song threw me off too.
Metzae: What can I say? I'm a cheating bastard! Har har harrrr!
guest: the fuck
Metzae: Something wrong with your sentence-completing capabilities?
guest-1: something wrong with your ass?
Metzae: No, my ass is just fine. Perhaps that was an unconscious reminder to pull the stick out of your ass? Just a guess.
PapA-J: Boy, am I tired of reading about your ass. Lets get this shit bumped up. Bump.
Metzae: I agree. I don't like talking about my ass.
guest: hey
Metzae: Hey. What's up?
guest: I am in a diaper
guest: type anyone
Metzae: You know why no one is typing? Because (as it says below) this isn't a chat room.
Metzae: Why are you wearing a diaper? Are you really old or really young?
guest: I am 12
Metzae: Ah, I see. Well, I hate to tell you this, but your parents should've taken you out of that diaper almost a decade ago. Call CPS.
guest: Diapers I need one
guest: type where I get diapers
Metzae: I think you have more important issues to deal with than diapers at this point. No offense . . .
guest: diaper dude is great. you get your diapers up his ass.
Metzae: What a pathetic, pointless conversation this has turned into. Thanks, gang.
gang: You're welcome!
guest: Eric, is yo sis around?
Metzae: Yeah, she's around here somewhere.
BigJ: damn...the shout box got boring....
Metzae: Yes, indeedy. I think it's because you and Papa-J stopped shouting.
BigJ: probably... so what about all the good things hitler did?
Metzae: Ah, yes. Like giving our generation something to compare Bush with. I'd say that was a pretty good thing.
PapA-J: you want some ice, mr Bush?
W: for wut?
BigJ: my balls feel funny today... must be the humidity
yr mom: youre right they do...less shorn
BigJ: i can always count on my mommy
Metzae: That's the shout_box I'm used to seeing.
BigJ: whats the magic word?
: heterosectshual!
Metzae: Ohmigaw. That was so . . . gay.
BigJ: so what do you guys think about the new star wars? (saw the trailer)
PapA-J: there's gunna be a new star wars?
Metzae: Star what? What is this Star thing of which you speak?
guest: lucas got the idea for the new star wars while licking the salty paste from behind my balls.
BigJ: so it will be good then...
Metzae: What other dark secrets do your balls hide? Come on, now. Don't be selfish!
PapA-J: Let me put it to you this way Big, can I call you Big? Good. Well, Big, it seems that this next Star Wars film will be the best thing ever too happen in a dark room full of 150 people. Yes, better than the ol' public bath houses of Rome. Hard to believe, eh? Well, Big, believe it. Orgy's got nuthin on Revenge of the Sith.
BigJ: i think my boner says it all
your boner: "for god so loved the world, that he....fuck it just gimmie a tug..."
Metzae: Shit, that was funny. . .
BigJ: {tug tug tug tug tug tug .... tug .... tug ..... spoooo}
your boner: thanks bitch now make me a sammich.
BigJ: is roast beef ok?
yr flaccid member: zzzzz....huh? fuckin hell....i'm not a machine....
BigJ: if you dont like it you can be replaced
Senator Palpatine: Now they will elect a new penis....A strong penis.
Metzae: Me, too.
BigJ: you eric! can you find the courthouse video of brian nichols killing those people? supposed to be out there somewhere
BigJ: i meant "yo, eric" but i guess "you" will work too
Metzae: Ooh, damn. I'm on a search now.
Metzae: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Drink green beer and be nice to each other.
BigJ: umm... drink, yes... be thats not very irish
Metzae: ZING!
guest: DRUNKK
Metzae: Happy birthday, Kari.
guest: NOOB
BigJ: how can you be a noob at talking?
Metzae: What the hell is a noob, anyway?
BigJ: a boob covered in nipples
Metzae: Ew.
BigJ: or a fresh, newly-developed boob
Metzae: There's the magic I was waiting to read.
Scott: I had noob berry pie for breakfast
Jeebus Fuckin Christ: yeah, that's right, after years of running, hiding, and turning invisible from El Mundo de la Interneto, you cousin Scott has returned bigger, badder, and with more Hertz than ever. say what's up
Metzae: Skeet! You're alive!
maligna: Hi
maligna: I dont know how i came here, but hi anyway
Metzae: It's not important how you got here. The important thing is that you're here. So, welcome!
Ghandi: "The worst thing about Christianity is the Christians."
guest: um... cool site
Metzae: Um . . . thanks.
PapA-J: um....can i lick a guest?
Metzae: Yes, guestlicking is permitted and encouraged here at!
BigJ: wow, just like the o'reilly factor!
Common Sense: Die, Terri Shiavo, Die!
Metzae: Ohmigaw! I'm, like, so totally offended.
guest: Zinga ZIng Zong
guest: so you people with a PS2 go get 'god of war.' now.
BigJ: NO
Metzae: Man, if the game is anything like the commercial, I'm down.
Suzan: hey eric thought that I would say hello... this is the first time i have been on in two weeks.... or more... but i have been i the hospital for the last 15 days.
Metzae: Hospital!? What's wrong?
Skeeter: yes, the almighty skeet is alive and in Richmond, VA pimpin' it skeeter-style I don't ever see ya on AIM and i dunno yer email, lemme know wuzup
Metzae: I'm always online. Just IM me.
guest: ddd
Metzae: If you haven't seen "What the Bleep Do We Know" then you must check it out . . . RIGHT NOW!
BigJ: i've been trying to see that movie for a few months now.... can you buy it yet?
Metzae: Yep. There are other ways to preview it, of course, but I won't tell everyone how right here.
BigJ: understood... we must communicate through another medium
PapA-J: Consult the oroper channels. We must broadcast in secret, where the average person will never see. Like PBS.
BigJ: acquisition completed
Metzae: Unfortunately, the "average" person is in need of a paradigm shift in a way that this film could provide.
BigJ: you mean the average dumb as fuck american citizen?
guest: i'm offended... praise jesus!
Metzae: Ooh! Ooh! Jerry Foulwell is in the hospital! My prayer got through!
BigJ: mines getting closer at least...
BigJ: finally terri is dead... now the right-wing christian fucks can go back to hating everyone else
Metzae: Thank GOD!
Suzan: hehehe ;)
BigJ: man, falwell is dying, the pope is pretty much dead already... i think i've died and gone to heaven
Me: well you died and went to heaven? can i come?
BigJ: come all you want.....
Metzae: Come all yee faithful.
guest: picture
Suzan: so ok i am sorry i am not up to speed but who is Terri, Big J? I am sure that i am suppose to know but forgive me I dont. It would be nice if someone would exsplain!
guest: terri was eric's booty call
john paul's ghost: oh you'll go to hell for that
BigJ: terri shaivo, the vegetable they finally killed
Terri's Ghost: ddaaaaaaaaaa . . . (drool)
Suzan: ok i do know who that is.... didnt know her name. I couldnt look at her call me shitty but she was the reason that i went from sometimes watching the news to never watching. It made me a cross between sad and the willies.
Metzae: That's the fucking media for ya! They have no taste, only a capitalistic zeal for bring you the latest "news" item. Fucking idiots . . . they're just as bad as people in marketing and advertising.
Metzae: Hey, Star Wars fans . . . check this out!
guest: ive looked at it
BigJ: April 29th.... The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Movie! Fuck ya... check out the website
Metzae: Wait. You mean there are other movies besides Star Wars coming out? Who knew!?
guest: hello i am looking for erikk aka solo
Metzae: Me? Are you looking for me!?
BigJ: hell no..... no one cares about you
BigJ: ..... except my penis
BigJ: wait, did i say except? i meant accept
Metzae: Folks! Partial solar eclipse today about 5:20. Go outside and stare at the sun . . . I promise things will get dark.
BigJ: whats a solar eclipse?
Metzae: If you were any other person, I'd tell you. But, I know you're lying.
BigJ: go here:
BigJ: go to the interactive section and take the TESTament.... the answers are fantastic
Stuffer: From Russia with love:)))
Stuffer: I find some bugs on your site
Stuffer: - Put index.php in this directory or configure your server
Metzae: Ah, good. Thank you for that.
PapA-J: holy crap this episode 3 soundtrack is great
Metzae: Amen, brotha. Amen. The circle is almost complete.
guest: i want those sweeties
PapA-J: I dunno if I just zone ot through this or what, but I don't think I've heard any Palpatine theme in this. Have you?
Metzae: There is a hint of it near the end of "Enter Lord Vader," but I haven't heard much of it, either.
Father: sweeties have been deemed EC10, rated for emotional content, and will be destroyed.
Metzae: LOL
BigJ: dude, i'm totally lost
guest: J, have ethe metzemeister send you a link to "equilibrium" (assuming you have broadband) its worth it.
BigJ: broadband? but of course!
BigJ: welp.... time to hit the pipe!
Metzae: I think if you watch "Equilibrium" and think, "That could never happen," then you're completely missing the point.
Metzae: Hey! I just came up with a great Moron Test: Do you follow the Michael Jackson trial? If so, then congratulations! You're a moron!
guest: hi all
guest: is anyone here
Metzae: I'm here.
BigJ: type something... come back in a few hours
BigJ: repeat
goplies: now with Wiki! Still linking to
Metzae: Janet, my AIM screen name is EricPMetze. Say hello sometime . . .
Metzae: Give the conservatives a taste of their own medicine, help us block FOX "news" channel.
BigJ: my penis just exploded down my leg
suzan: lets hope you enjoyed it
Metzae: It's BigJ . . . he always enjoys it.
BigJ: hell ya! erics got my back.... cuz he sure doesn't want to be anywhere near my front
Suzan: aahhhh why not eric?
Metzae: Have you SEEN the mess that thing can make?
Metzae: Holy shit, that's funny. Someone got to my site by searching Yahoo for "Eric Metz small penis."
guest: yea, remember when you took your pants off and i had to look for like, an hour..then i said "gimme a sec"? I went to search on the internet, because I coulldn't find your penis...on you.
Metzae: Aw, come on . . . is that the best you can do?
BigJ: man, that puts the lame in lame
Metzae: I know. I mean, if you're going to insult someone, don't show your own stupidity. It defeats the purpose.
Suzan: lol oh dont be so hard on him he just was trying to cover up the truth about his own short comings.
PapA-J: yea. ultra lame. lame-o. sir lamealot. burt LAMEcaster. Lame Night with david Lamerman. your lame.
Suzan: and no i havent seen the mess but i can imagine.
Kari: Tee-hee! I am a worthless whore. Isn't that funny? I think I'll cut my hair now!
Metzae: Um . . . I didn't write that. Just thought I'd make that clear.
PapA-J: I didn't either. for real.
Metzae: Still . . . good stuff.
suzan: right... oh i didnt either. Wish i had thought of it though
BigJ: people who say genetically modified foods are bad should go fuck themselves. all they are doing is causing govts to withhold food from millions of starving people around the world for no reason whatsoever. if you dont want to eat it, fine, fuck you... get out of the way of progress!!!!
Metzae: Now, now . . . if them peoples wanted to eat they'd get off there asses and feed themselves! GOD BLESS DUBYA!
Suzan: amen brother (bla bla bla)
PapA-J: eric, go put a router in your car while your shreddin papers. thanks
Metzae: Oh my goodness . . . it's almost April 20th.
William Butler Yeats: Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

Suzan: 40 mins till
suzan: HAPPY 420
Metzae: Oh, happy, happy day!
guest: does anyone care to guess the orign of 420?
joelt: sorry that was me asking the question
Metzae: I've heard a half dozen plausible reasons, but maybe you enlighten us!
joelt: the most plausible one that I have heard, and most documented is on the High Times website...basically says that it was orginated in So Cal in the 70's as a designator for a meet time in front of the high school to meet and smoke out...but check out the time line that has been constructed on
joelt: small bit of appropriate trivia
BigJ: Happy 420 everyone!
BigJ: i heard 4:20 was the time the guy who first invented LSD dropped it for the first time... who knows
Suzan: There have been a few people that have told me in the past that 420 is the number the police use when there is a pot bust. But again this didnt come from anyone that was credible so that is just what i have heard.
PapA-J: whats up on the reefer madness download? It was so festive last year..
BigJ: have you guys seen the reefer madness musical thats on showtime right now? lots of famous poeple... very funny
PhysicsGirl: Myth #1: 420 is a police dispatch code used when busting pot dealers. Truth: The number 420 is not police radio code for anything, anywhere. Checks of criminal codes suggest that the origin is neither Californian nor federal. For instance, California Penal Code 420 defines as a misdemeanor the hindrance of use of public lands.
PhysicsGirl: Myth #2: There are approximately 420 active chemicals in marijuana. Truth: Actually, there are approximately 315 active chemicals in marijuana. This number goes up and down depending on which plant is used.
PhysicsGirl: Myth #3: April 20th is National Pot Smokers Day. Truth: Well, it is now; but that wasn't the origin.
PhysicsGirl: Other Myths: 420 is Hitler's birthday. Truth: This is true, but it is not why we use 420. Another funny myth I heard is that it's tea-time in Holland. Again, not true.
PhysicsGirl: The Origin Revealed: According to Steven Hager, editor of High Times, the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation. While our teens feel that they know something we don't, you can let them in on the fact that it was your generation that came up with the numbers.
guest: This was a site for older people obviously.
PhysicsGirl: Sorry for the million posts. I just thought this shit was interesting and all my 420 buddies should know about it. :)
BigJ: wow! i think we all learned a little something there... and thats why i fuck her!
Suzan: BigJ I hope that is not the only reason... also thank you for the info. PGirl
Suzan: Everyone is celebrating but me. that sucks..... lol ... but truly I hope everyone is having a great time and smokin' for me as well.
PapA-J: somebody celebrated enough to make 420 last 2 days..
Suzan: I see that. lol
Metzae: That's freakin' hilarious! If only I could tell you the real reason why I hadn't updated . . .
Physicsgirl: Well, then ... what's the reason?
Metzae: Ahh . . . heh. I'll tell you later.
PapA-J: he was too busy gettin it on. with me. oh yeah baybee.
BigJ: giving and recieving head on the job is against company policy, sir
Metzae: Not if you share with everyone.
BigJ: so i saw this movie equilibrium....
guest: did you ennjoy it?
Metzae: Yeah, BigJ. Please answer the question.
Physicsgirl: Oh yeah ... he enjoyed it. ;)
BigJ: yes i did... very different, very good
Metzae: "1984" x "Brave New World" x "The Matrix" = "Equilibrium"
PapA-J: I think hugh grant would have been better in christian bale's role, tho. don't you?
BigJ: bruce willis
PapA-J: oh! and his partner could be Justin Timberlake! oh..wait. That's really going to happen. Look out for Die Hard 4.
Metzae: Jesus Christ . . . please tell me you're kidding.
PapA-J: what, you have something against JT?
Metzae: Yeah. I thought he was going to do a nude roll. Gueth I hav'ta wait to thee that good thtuff.
BigJ: i'll dose JT straight from my balls
Suzan: ok i would be happy if i never again have to see or hear about Justin T again
PhysicsGirl: Oh come on suzan ... you know you love him.
guest: Well ya caught me... hehe... yeah right. now his girlfriend on the other hand. ;)
Suzan: that was me
Kari: i'm liberated so i'm going to shave my head and find myself a girlfriend to fuck and suck
Metzae: Hmm . . . someone doesn't like Kari all of a sudden. Did she really shave her head?
Metzae: Oh, wait. I think I know who is doing it. Forget I asked.
Suzan: I would like to say that I am liberated as well but if i were to shave my head everyone would think that they were looking at the moon.
Wolf in the Hills: ow ow woooo!
PapA-J: The day after tomorrow. The time has come gentlemen. We must band together and purchase much Red Bull. and cigarettes. We must also decide on good driving music, for we have quite a trip ahead of us. MSI. HERE. WE. COME.
Metzae: We are going to be mindlessly self-indulgent, if only for a couple days.
BigJ: i mourn for my foreskin....
guest: M
Suzan: dumb ass on TV!!!!!
Suzan: ok there is a choice between atheist and theist I was going to join one of tthose non-member groups but I don't believe either. help!
Suzan: sorry about that
PapA-J: hmm. what would that group be? Thiest covers alot of ground..
Suzan: I don't believe in just one god.
Suzan: I believe that not only are there many gods but goddesses as well
BigJ: i believe in the tooth fairy but only because that bitch owes me some money
Metzae: Theism includes the belief of one or many gods.
PhysicsGirl: More than one god? What?! How can you say such blasphemy?!?!
Suzan: Thank you didnt know.
Suzan: yeah you should try living with a god and bush lover and being wiccan
guest: But on the same hand i do not believe that "god" or Gods" created us at all. So I still dont know where I fit... so I am just going to not worry about joining one of those groups
Suzan: that would be me I keep forgetting to put my name in
PapA-J: MSI show rocked balls in Dallas.
Suzan: I as of an hour ago just found out about MSI and almost instantly fell in love
Metzae: Ah HA! The MSI virus is spreading. Soon it will be an epidemic!
PapA-J: I saw the clean version of You'll Rebel to Anything at Wal-Mart. I moved it up as to be visible to innocent bystanders. just doin my part.
PapA-J: Glad you're diggin it Suz. If you need any videos, live shit, etc. just let me know.
Suzan: please I would love to see some live videos of them.
BigJ: your star wars countdown thingy on the left is wrong... it said 16 yesterday too... did we slip into some kind of time warp and i just missed it?
Metzae: No, I just realized it was miscalculating the number, so I fixed it. It is working now.
BigJ: why do people still debate evolution?
PapA-J: because they are very UN evolved.
Metzae: Seriously, only ignorant people still debate evolution.
guest: man that "time warp" idea would suck ass. Could you imagine being stuck in some kind of "groundhog day" scenario where its always 16 days till Revenge of the Sith? that would blow. hard. haha. I said blowhard. haha.. i said it again..
Metzae: I think that would be my own personal Hell.
PapA-J: what? me saying blowhard and laughing all the time? haha, i said it again
BigJ: well that explains who this guest guy is...
PapA-J: sometmes i wish this thing would remember who I am. poo on guest!
Suzan: I would have to agree... I tend to forget to put my name in a lot!
Metzae: Worry not! For I am able to fisk it! Don't bother putting "that was me" anymore.
PapA-J: holy crap. remember a while back when someone posted what seemed like meaningless psychobabble about a "dr house" and we all thought they were talking about house of leaves? here's the link
Dr House: what, are you insane?!
Suzan: I am watching a thing on the news here in lubbock... they are freaking out about how a temple has a temple has been built out side of Eldorado that is a Chruch of christ of latter day saints. The leader has 40 wives and over 70 childeren. They are freaking out because they practice Poligamy.
Suzan: I think that it is great that they did this because it is what they believe and they dont care what everyone in the area thinks.
Metzae: Yeah, Lubbockites can be some of the most arrogant, self-centered, apathetic people you'll ever encounter. It makesme wonder if they've actually read the Bible.
BigJ: yo eric! we'll be in lubbock next weekend.. i think we're going to go out saturday night if you are interested?
PapA-J: happy seis de mayo!
Metzae: Of course I'm interested, BigJ! Maybe you can finally meet Papa-J.
BigJ: excellent! we'll probably just go somewhere and get smashed... ya know... the usual
PapA-J: what a wonderful plan! When you say next weekend, do you mean tomorrow, or a week from tomorrow?
BigJ: may 13-15
guest: hey hows it goin Metzae
Metzae: It's going well, guest. How's it goin' with you?
Metzae: That good, huh?
PapA-J: I just started playing Xenogears for the 4th time, naybe this time I'll beat it.
Metzae: Write on your stories! ::ahem::
BigJ: is it me or are politics and religeon being shoved together in this country....
Metzae: Religion is constantly being inserted into government, one inch at a time, so by the time we realized we're being fucked, we think can handle it.
Jesus: OOWWWW!
BigJ: shut up jesus... this will only take a day....or two
Jesus: I'll give you...3. 3 days, then I'll be back. Got it?
BigJ: jesus christ.. shut the fuck up.. stop with the magic tricks already.. you're not fooling anyone... AAAA DAMMIT!
Metzae: Someone (named John) watched Family Guy last night.
PapA-J: yeah, i missed that one. I'm downloading it now tho.
BigJ: haha...busted
BigJ: insert offensive statement here
PapA-J: houston is where lesbians stop sucking dick! hshshshshs!
Metzae: BigJ and Papa-J finally got to meet! Oh, glorious day.
Suzan: Most of us don't have to go to Houston for that papa-j. :)
BigJ: Houston is where lesbians suck MY dick....
Metzae: Yes, the Shoutbox, where we go from philosophical to offensive to mundane to enlightening every single day.
BigJ: is life inherent in the universe? Fuck Christians! i made poopy. equal equality for everyone.
PhysicsGirl: Wow. I'm so glad you are my boyfriend you deep deep thinking man. :)
BigJ: hehe... you said deep
physicsgirl: I should've known that was coming. Hehe. Yes I said it.
BigJ: welcome to sexual inuendo hour on!
Metzae: I'm excited already! You two make me feel warm and fuzzy.
BigJ: hehe... fuzzy
Metzae: Okay, yes. I'm a geek. I accept it, and I have no problem admitting it. Here is my schedule for Thursday:
Ep. 1: 08:19 - 10:30
Ep. 2: 10:38 - 13:00
CW 1: 13:21 - 14:30
CW 2: 14:40 - 16:00
Ep. 3: 16:40 - 19:02
Ep. 4: 19:30 - 21:33
Ep. 5: 22:00 - 00:09
Ep. 6: 00:30 - 02:46

guest: That is so bad ass
guest: hello? Is that you god?
Suzan: I would so join if I could but one i have to work from 7 am to 4 pm but also I have to wait till I get paid on the 3rd to go see it.
jennifermetze: yes. yes it is me. Did you take your pills today? hmmm...?
guest: i work with a racist. haha! It's funny cuz it's true!
Gods Answering Mach.: God is not here right now would you like to leave a message and one of his followers will get back to you shortly.
Suzan: boy do i love my crack!
BigJ: dude, we're going to see George Carlin in Las Vegas!
PhysicsGirl: BAHAHAHAHA!
Metzae: Lucky bastards . . . umm . . . I'm gonna see all the Star Wars tomorrow! So, there. :oP
BigJ: isn't it great how you can now say i'm going to see ALL the star wars tomorrow and really mean it!
Metzae: Yes. Yes it is.
Metzae: Here is a great article about Star Wars and our wars: The Empire Strikes Bush
BigJ: very nice article
Metzae: Wanna see something funny as shi'ite? Watch this.
PapA-J: TOMORROW!!!! I think I might be getting a lil excited...
guest: ok so
guest: ok so
Suzan: I didnt write that part about the crack just so everyone knows
Suzan: also on the hall of fame my continuum thing isnt working.
Metzae: Ohmigod . . . I think I might explode today.
Metzae: Does anyone have the Clone Wars series? Contact me immediately if you do.
PapA-J: uploading to, public_html, videos, clonewars.
BigJ: so how was the movie?
PapA-J: ack! ask me after 9 pm. I've got tickets for the 6:10 showing.
Metzae: One word to describe episode three: unfuckingbelievable.
PapA-J: My sentiments eggzachery.
BigJ: awesome.. we're going to see it tonight
PhysicsGirl: LOVED IT!
Metzae: Trivia question: What is the one line Jar Jar Binks has in "Revenge of the Sith"?
BigJ: ask me when my download is complete
guest: I only remember seeing him at the funeral. I don't remember him saying anything the whole time. I did love the fact that when Anakin put the helmet on he immediatly became James Earl Jones. Haha.
PapA-J: Yea. That took me back to my childhood. That single connection (JEJ) made the entire prequel trilogy more a part of the series for me. it was intoxicating.
Suzan: the answer to the trivia question is : Excuse Me!
Metzae: Thaaaaaat's correct! The only thing Jar Jar says in the entire movie is "Excuse me." And, it's not even on camera.
PhysicsGirl: Wow...that's obscure.
Metzae: I know, but I noticed it the first time I saw it and thought it was kind of funny.
PhysicsGirl: The shoutbox seems kinda dead lately. Where is everyone?
BigJ: we're here... just laying in wait for someone to say something stupid
PhysicsGirl: Well then ... *insert stupid comment here*
Metzae: Stim sell reserch is evil! Dont nobody vote for it or you will be sint to Helll!!! I meen it.
BigJ: oh god.... where to start....
PhysicsGirl: Hahaha. Ok grandpa. Go back to your bedroom and i'll get the nurse to bring in your daily enema.
Homer: mmm....enema...
guest: .. go there!
Metzae: I've got the new Dream Theater album! I love the Internet!
PapA-J: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have wondermous news. Mindless Self Indulgence has updated their tour dates and are scheduled to make ONE stop in Texas. That stop, taking place on June 20th, will be at our very own JAKE'S SPORTS CAFE IN LUBBOCK FUCKING TEXAS. EAT IT BITCHES!!!!
Suzan: The new DT cd is so BAD ASS!!!
Metzae: Does anyone know how to get love out of your clothing?
PapA-J: bleach. straight bleach. either that or better aim. Take your shirt off when you're "expressing your love".
PapA-J: I have your MSI ticket in my ppocket eric...come and get it.
Metzae: Holy spit. If anyone reads this and is in Lubbock, go get tickets to MSI before they sell out. Twust me.
PapA-J: Tickets can be purchased at your nearest Ralph's Records for 15 bucks.
PhysicsGirl: Anyone want to see Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, ACDC, and much more? Gotta be up for a road trip. Check out It's a bunch of coverbands doing a festival to recreate a Rockfest from 1977.
PhysicsGuy: hey physicsgirl... what do you look like?
guest: A collection of cells held together by static electricity.
PhysicsGirl: Haha. That's it exactly. :)
PhysicsGuy: haha.. thought i'd ask cuz most physics girls are nerdy looking if you catch my drift
PhysicsGirl: Hey BigJ .. tell him how hot I am.
Metzae: Trust me, she's no nerdy-looking chica.
PhysicsGirl: Thanks Metzae :)
PhysicsGuy: wow, and you like physics? thats awesome... we should get together and talk sometime
Metzae: Aw, I'm sorry, bud. She's taken.
PhysicsGuy: taken huh? where? hehe... married?
Metzae: Not married, as far as the church is concerned. Never will be, for that matter.
PhysicsGirl: Haha. Damn straight. We are just going to live together forever and have bastard children. :)
PhysicsGuy: so you're tellin me theres a chance....
Metzae: Well, there's always a chance . . . or, so I've learned.
BigNickT: aahhhhoooogah!!
BigNickT: i honk like that because the t in my name stands for "Model T" haha.
Metzae: Damn, I go away to Kentucky for a few days and everyone goes away from my site.
BigJ: we're here... lurking.... waiting....
Metzae: Lurking . . . I like it . . . a lot.
PapA-J: sorry, I was watching "Unleashed"...for a week.
PhysicsGirl: Well ... they found the "King of Pop" not guilty on all counts. I'd just like to know what everyone's option is on that.
PhysicsGirl: I meant opinion. There isn't really any options are there. :)
Metzae: Thank the Good Lord it is over with. Now we will move on beyond this lame excuse of a news story.
E! Entertainment Television: Absolutely! Move on! Move on to the NEXT idiotic excuse for reporting! OH! IS THAT J-LO STANDING WITHIN 10 FEET OF BATMAN'S ADAM WEST??
People Magazine: This just in! J-Lo is engaged to Batman's Adam West! See our exclusive photos inside!
PhysicsGirl: Ha!
BigJ: so jacko got off.........
PapA-J: yea, then he went to court over it and was found not guilty..
Metzae: Jacko will continue to receive flacko until the world turns its collective backo on that poor, eccentric wacko.
bee: hey metzae i misses you alota!
WillowBee: well this is how i gotta tell you kuz you wont answere to my last post i IMed you
BigJ: goddammit i'm bored...
Metzae: Then,
read this!
Wafflehouse Waitress: whatchoo readin for?
Public Annoucement: off topic, but an important announcement...Try B "to the E"..."Beer with something extra.."..with caffeine, ginseng, and guarana extract.....pick up a 4-pk today :)
T-Roy: Please milk the bandwidth @'s begging to be "used" :)
PhysicsGirl: TROY! How the hell are ya!?
Metzae: Lubbockites! Mindless Self Indulgence @ Jake's . . . tonight!
BigJ: check out the latest rolling stones mag... on the back page the local list is from ralphs records in lubbock
Metzae: Freakin' schweet!
BigJ: also, the first solar sail is due to launch today at around 2:45
Metzae: Today!? You mean the Sagan-inspired solar sail?
BigJ: that exact one!
Metzae: Holy spoo! HOLY FUCKING SPOO!! That's so cool, I may use that as an excuse to re-read Cosmos.
BigJ: do you really need an excuse?
Metzae: Wanna see pics from last nights MSI show? Click here!
PhysicsGirl: What time is it launching?
PhysicsGirl: It's here!!! click here
PhysicsGirl: Yeah ok that didn't work as planned. Just google family guy DVD movie. It's coming out Sept 27th. :)
BigJ: cosmos 1 is on its way!
BigJ: Happy Summer Solstice!
Metzae: Is it really that time already? Well, happy holidays to everyone!
Suzan: yesyes happy summer solstice!!!
BigJ: well... looks like cosmos 1 was lost... now to focus on deep impact this weekend
Metzae: Wait. What? Lost? You mean it didn't work?
BigJ: the booster rocket failed 83 seconds after launch... it still might have reached some kind of orbit though...
Metzae: Well, summanabitch!
/\\oo/\\: YEAH
guest: hey nice thingy
guest: i love my penis
Metzae: And it loves you.
BigJ: Just a quick note... CREATIONISM IS NOT SCIENCE
Metzae: Damn right. It's the opposite of science.
guest: just a quick note...SCIENCE can't save you
BigJ: neither can religeon... you're dead no matter what
BigJ: If you have cancer.. whats more likely to "save" you? prayer or chemotherapy?
BigJ: i would think god would be the least likely thing to save you cuz hey, god is the one who wanted you to have cancer in the first place right? HES in control right? HE has a plan, right? BULLSHIT
Metzae: LOL So . . . will we get a retort?
BigJ: i doubt it... a horse can't stand with no legs, if you get my drift
Metzae: is five years old tomorrow. Wee!
BigJ: Happy Birthday,!
Metzae: Since can't speak for itself, I'll say thank you for it.
PapA-J: Happy Fuckin Birthday!!
PapA-J: In celebration, I bought a PSP. sorry, but, seein as your a web site and all...I'll have to play it. alot.
Suzan: hey papa -j how is the psp i have been thinking about getting one myself!
Metzae: I used to have so much time to play video games. Why don't I now?
PapA-J: Suzan, get your horney ass to the sto' and get yerself one of these bad boys. If you like Tony Hawk games, THUG2 is just like the console versions. fuckin badass
PapA-J: You've got school eric, that kinda douses the ol' video game flame.
Suzan: cool as sson as i get this damn thing off my arm the i will . it is sortof pointless for right now though
PapA-J: true...but you could look at it. it shore is purdy.
Metzae: Spammers suck Satan's scaly snake . . . I've been deleting spam posts all day.
Suzan: one could look at the psp and marvel at its beauty, but i am sure to be quickly pissed off by the lack of movement in my thumb then and to violently toss it across the room. So i think that i will just have to wait and take my gander and i am able to play the psp.
Suzan: when i am able to play it not and lol
PhysicsGirl: GO SEE WAR OF THE WORLDS!!!!!!!!
Metzae: Done did it. Luved it. Shore was good.
guest: fool of a took you only look at the body and yes cancer kills the body and PapA-J you sound just as mad and mean as some christians do
guest: changing minds is rarely successful in this manner
BigJ: where the hell did that come from?
Metzae: People like that often pull shit out of their ass to fling at people. They weren't even aware that they're talking to you, BigJ, and not Papa-J. Who's the fool now?
Metzae: By the way, Mr. Guest, the body is all there is. But thanks for trying. Maybe you could start a discussion in the forum . . .
guest: No fool just an honest mistake....and you metzae so hasty to categorize me as some one that believes the bible is the literal truth
Metzae: First of all, what's the difference between a foolish mistake and an honest mistake? But, more importantly, you're talking about the supernatural. Fundamentalism and supernaturalism . . . it's all just a leap in logic.
BigJ: if the bible isn't the literal truth, which part is real and which is made up? i smell bullshit
BigJ: have you noticed that when we back him into a corner with logic, it takes this guy/girl a month to answer? and its not even a good answer
guest: backed in to a corner with logic....? Hehe
guest: Why is Big J so mean? Did he get beat up by the Christian stick at some point in his/her life?
PapA-J: Guest, lets try this in a forum so that its not so difficult to stay on track, because I don't understand where I am coming off as mad and mean.
PapA-J: Oh wait, I guess he confused me with Big J. nm.
BigJ: i'm not trying to be mean, just point out that your beliefs are totally unfounded and you are an idiot
ChristFanatic: Sorry for the confusion.... As for Big J...What a contradictary statement....your no better than the past 2000 years of hypocritical Christians.
Suzan: I thought war of the worlds sucked by the way.
Suzan: I mean the special effects were great the the music was great but the movie itself lacked much punch. And I am not the largest Tom Cruise fan and he was in every sinking frame
BigJ: it was supposed to be contradictory... go pray for a sense of humor
suzan: you were talking to christfanatic not me right big-j
Metzae: Yes, Suzy-Q. There was this whole discussion thing going on. You should read it. :o)
Suzan: i did read it i was just making sure.... i just didnt have anything to say about that because it looked as though the 3 of you had it covered
Suzan: What I dont understand is that now all of you have told him/her to do this in a form but to no avail. I am wondering if it is because they are to scared, or is it just plain and simple lack of inteligence?
BigJ: I vote both
Suzan: works for me.
PapA-J: I'd just like to be able to follow this and contribute in a moderated forum. Shoutbox doesn't stay "on topic" for long.
Suzan: I agree... I was so confused the first time I read it I had no comment.
BigJ: i'm with ya but this mystery person doesn't seem to come back very often
Metzae: I dunno . . . they may not be a regular, like all of you fine folks. :o) I do hope they become a regular, too.
BigJ: they seemed to give the box some sort of "balance"
Metzae: Maybe they're trying to make it fair and balanced . . .
ChristFanatic: My objective is not to be Fox News...However, I do frequent the site periodically and have concluded that shouts from the Christian section are lacking....Anyway ...The COUNTDOWN has begun and we will have blast off on Wednesday....I will say a prayer and ya'll can wish them good luck.
ChristFanatic: Go Discovery Go
Metzae: Yes, the Christian shouts are definitely lacking. I wish more would shout, actually.
BaBoomChing: ACTUALLY!
guest: Praise the Lord
Metzae: You know what Doonesbury says about the word actually, right?
BigJ: no, but i bet i'll laugh!
BigJ: What about Muslims, Buddists, agnostics, etc.?
Metzae: I really wish we had more Muslims posting. Really, I don't care what their beliefs are. I wanna hear it.
Metzae: DAMN! Now we have to wait until Monday at the earliest for the Discover launch.
BigJ: oh well... better safe than sorry
guest: yes this is a real item on sale on ebay ...
Metzae: Jesus G. Lucas! They didn't even know how to spell midichlorians. Mine says it right on the box. I take one every day.
BigJ: me want! Optimus keyboard
Metzae: Holy poo! That is great! I seriously want one, but I bet it's a thousand bucks.
Suzan: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is fucking Bad ASS!!!!!!!
PapA-J: That optimus keyboard is the wa computing should be. thats fuking awesome.
BigJ: saturday night 7 pm military channel=trinity and beyond
Willow: eric, pretty cool, i like it!! now damn it wake up so i can talk to you!!!!
BigJ: man, that early morning edition in red is rough... can't we get a nice relaxing blue?
Metzae: That's for later in the evening.
BigJ: why the red in the morning? too harsh on my delicate eyes
PapA-J: It helps wake you up.
Metzae: RED . . . like Red Bull! Aaagh! I'm addicted. I need help.
Suzan: I would have to agree with Big J Pages should never be red in the morning.
Metzae: NOW you know the POWER of being webMASTER! Har har harrrr!
God: c'mon eric... change the color
Metzae: Ah HA! When first we met I was but the learner, now I am the master.
Metzae: Speaking of the color of the site, did you know that it's not the only thing that changes?
BigJ: i know some of the writing changes with the color.. but what else? do tell!
PapA-J: Eggs and Muzac!
Metzae: BigJ, I can't go telling everyone about the eggs. It would defeat the purpose. :o)
Suzan: ok you just did. ;)
Metzae: Shh! No one is supposed to notice! ;o)
Suzan: Oh well shit sorry hehehe
BigJ: I support ABORTION
Metzae: Heh heh . . . he's baaaaaaack!
BigJ: what, like i'm the SENSITIVE TYPE?!
Suzan: I support it too ;)
PapA-J: i was aborted once. . .
Metzae: My abortion was aborted. Hence, the reason I'm here!
BigJ: i enjoy abortion, mostly when its called pulling out
PhysicsGirl: BIGJ!!!!
Preg. Teen: Whoops! my baby is running down my leg!
Aborted Fetus: Where all the white women at?
Billy Graham: I want you to shit in my mouth
God: hehe... free will....
PhysicsGirl: Wow .... just wow.
guest: this blows
BigJ: you blow
PapA-J: guest does blow.
guest: Hi Eric, this is your cousin and I just stomached this about abortion not toooooo funny man. You guys don't get it do you?
Suzan: What is it that we are not getting?
BigJ: stop trying to put a name on every ejaculation
God: someone needs a sense of humor...
Metzae: I agree that it was something you had to stomach, but the question remains unanswered: What don't we get?
PapA-J: Eric, I can't believe you would allow COMMENTS on your site! I HATE WORDS!
Metzae: Now, now . . . I don't allow words, only sentiments.
PhysicsGirl: It seems as though our guest doesn't "get it." The boys are making a joke at the expense of abortion. It may be an unfortunate thing, but the more we laugh about it, the more it becomes part of everyday conversation. It isn't 1950 and it shouldn't be a scary word anymore. It happens, and you may not like it, but get over it. This thing that you don't get saves women everyday from a life of hardship by giving them the choice to not have children when they are obviously not ready and can't provide. Stomach it. Everyone is allowed to make jokes, even if you don't think it's funny. Read it, laugh or don't laugh, and go on about your day.
Suzan: Well said!!
ChristFanatic: Oh! Oh! You try to justify murder b/c it is a hardship or inconvienience. Some of the greatest minds we have had on Earth today would have been killed by your standards b/c mom wasn't ready or too poor. Where is the sanctity of life. A womans civil right over the right to life....give me a break.
God: Well said
Abortion Activist: KEEP MURDER LEAGAL
AA: LEGAL not like the Beagle
BigJ: yes! kill babies!
BigJ: who says life is sacred? god? take a look at history and you will find god is one of the leading causes of death
BigJ: we have both the right to life and the right to death
ChristFanatic: Big J that is right however in the case of abortion the mother is making that choice for the child. God aside the right to life is taken away.
God: Go easy on Big J he has a lot of anger in him and sometimes struggles to keep on topic
BigJ: the mother has that right if she feels she doesn't want a baby right now... take a small life to save an adult life
BigJ: why is it that when humans have an abortion its called murder but when its a chicken, its called an omlet? are we so much better than chickens?
God: Go, BigJ, Go!
BigJ: the only anger i harbor is for those around me who press their moral ideals on me through both propaganda and laws
PhysicsGirl: What do you mean by sanctity of life? What kind of life is the child going to have if the mother can't afford to feed it? What kind of life is the child going to have when they life in poverty, and can't afford health care?? Seems to be that this "sanctity of life" is bullshit. I think the best thing a mother can do is provide for her child, and if she can't then don't fucking have children. There are too many poor children out there who don't get what they deserve because their christian, abortion hating mother couldn't keep her legs closed.
ChristFanatic: Life is life wether it is small or big should we kill all the short people? And, I guess your moral ideals do include killing children. (Pity) Just to point out I never said "sancitity of life" . If you don't agree to the laws that provide the freedom to life then you are politely asked to go somewhere else. If the mother can't afford it then the state will provide for it. C'mon you liberal minded people you know how it works. Physics girl is right, if you can't provide for a child don't have sex. What a child DESERVES is the chance at life . And yes I am better than a chicken and I am sorry you don't think you are Big J (Pity).
BigJ: i treat all life with equal respect and just because a woman gets pregnant doesn't mean she has to have the kid. where is the harm in abortion? what is the point in bringing unwanted children into the world? an embryo doesn't DESERVE the right to life simply because its a human embryo. what about all the abortions god performs on a daily basis? seems to me he's ok with it.
BigJ: it boils down to a personal choice.. if you dont want an abortion, dont get one... if you do, then do it. what gives you the right to tell someone else how to live their life? in what way does it affect you? why is it that christians seem to think they can control everyone's life by laws? and about that leaving thing... if you dont like abortion you can pack your shit and leave too because in america, we have this thing called freedom. appearantly you didn't get the memo. this is NOT a christian country, its an EVERYBODY country.
Metzae: While I thoroughly enjoy the discussion so far, this is NOT where we should be having it. So, I've moved it here: Abortion, Distortion, and Murder, Oh MY!
BigJ: well that was fun... next topic?
PhysicsGirl: Why is everyone so opposed to talking in the forum. This has got to be the 3 or so topic i've seen die after being moved. It was beginning to be an interesting debate.
BigJ: everyone showed up except the single voice of dissent
ChristFanatic: Sorry guys I am planning a reply but work has been keeping too busy. I've thought a lot about it. So stay tuned. Have a blessed day.
BigJ: instead of a "blessed" day, would it be ok if i just had a good day?
PhysicsGirl: How about a decent day?
BigJ: or a super day!
PhysicsGirl: One can only hope
ChristFanatic: God Willing
God: at your leave, gentlemen.
PapA-J: What about the ladies?
God: lol. You haven't read my book, James. Now run along.
Metzae: Why do I get the feeling there's more than one person speaking for God?
guest: because God is in all of us...
PhysicsGirl: Hell if the people who wrote the bible made it up, then why can't we?
Jesus: I'm gay.. i love sucking dicks...
Suzan: Now now Jesus... you know we kicked your out of our club! ;)
God: hehe... and stupid people think I actually exist! oh ya? point to me....go on
Boogeyman: hehe... me too
Tooth Fairy: me too
Santa Claus: me too
Easter Bunny: me too
Separation of Church and State: sadly... me too
PhysicsGirl: Someone is very creative.
BigJ: My Religion is Better Than Yours (Part 1)
Metzae: So, I made some changes to the site colors. No more gray!
BigJ: thanks! the morning green is much better than the red
PhysicsGirl: Everyone should be listening to the Al Franken Show .. it's wonderful! He spends 3 hours a day debunking republican propaganda. You can listen for free over the internet at The O'Franken Factor.
PhysicsGirl: Today they will be talking about Thomas Paine if you can catch it. :)
guest: What was it you don't get?
guest: I just got married, and well True Love waits, It has been the best, so if that word could reach teens who destroy their lives w/ a child when they're 15 the world might be a happier place for all.
guest: Does anyone in this forum take God's word literaly as the truth?
guest: Just curious, the preacher...
guest: heaven forbid we try and save some of those 15 yr olds with a quick, relatively cheap medical procedure that harms no one
guest: it harms themselves, pschologically forever,
guest: pyschologically forever
guest: Life at cheap, Jesus died to give life, so how come it is so easy to take a child "a gift from God and destroy it?
guest: I agree if the mother is in danger by all means then there is that option of abortion, or the mother was raped too, but the others I don't want blood on my hands
guest: anyway I'm the cousin of Metzae, I like your shouting red EP
PhysicsGirl: Don't push your God on anyone. If you want to believe that Jesus "died for your sins" then go ahead. But DO NOT judge other people because they don't believe the same thing. And as far as teh abortion harming someone pyschologically forever ... which is more harming? Feeling a little regret at what you had to do to get by, or feeling bitter and angry for the rest of your life, because your chance at a real life was ruined by your pregnancy.
PhysicsGirl: And if you honestly take the words in the bible literally then you are sadly misguided. The "word of God" was not written by God himself. The bible was written by MAN. It was most likely edited and shaped to serve MAN'S purpose at that point in time. I've read the bible, and I was raised as a devout christian, but I NEVER took it literally.
PhysicsGirl: And for the record, most women/girls who choose to have an abortion are choosing to do so of their own free will. They are not harmed psychologically. It is a decision that you don't rush into, and if you have any doubts then don't have one. Most women know that. No one is forcing abortion down these teenagers throats. The option is theirs, and you have no right to judge them. If you do then you are NOT a christian.
guest: "Life at cheap, Jesus died to give life, so how come it is so easy to take a child "a gift from God and destroy it?" You want to raise the child then go ahead. Why don't you pay for the medical bills? Why don't you change diapers and feed the baby at 3 in the morning. Believe it or not ... not all children are "gifts from god." Most are instances resulting from the failure or mis-use of birth-control.
BigJ: this belongs in the forum ...
Metzae: Yes, it really does.
Metzae: If I can figure out how to program a limit into the shout_box, I just might do it.
PapA-J: please do. 20 char max or sumthin
Suzan: I think that would be great... but we really need to teach people to talk about things in the forums ... how would one do that. Because last time i checked people have a tendency to be stupid!
ChristFanatic: Yeah Discovery. Congratulations on a job well done.
Metzae: Eh? Discovery? Dicovery channel or what?
PapA-J: that big spaceship thing eric. remember?
Metzae: Ah, yes. I keep forgetting we're actually doing something in space.
BigJ: going.. yes. doing something... not so much
jenni20: do you have msn?
ChristFanatic: Discovery do nothing? Our big garbage truck unloaded 2 tons of trash. :)
BigJ: who has msn?
Metzae: Jenni20, I only use AIM because I can use AIMutation.
Rick: Hi Metzae
BigJ: fuck! i knew i should have invested heavily in oil...
Metzae: Why, BigJ . . . are you regretting your decision to not take advantage of third world countries?
BigJ: of course! i could have made millions off their misfortunes!
BigJ: thats the capitalist american way isn't it? and you ARE an AMERICAN aren't you? (narrowing eyes)
Metzae: Yes, sir! Amen! We're #1! Buy more! Consume more! God bless America!
BigJ: i dont think you're american enough! scream it like you mean it! i want to hear FEAR in your voice!
Metzae: LOL . . . that is funny. You freakin' wiccan! ;o)
Suzan: ;o)
guest: HEADS UP: Natural selection vs intellegent design on the Al Franken Radio Show. Noon to 3 on Air america radio. You can listen from the computer. O'Franken Factor
guest: Steve? dude no way!!! too funny, well not where you are but too funny i found this!!! Dude, this is BOOKER! man how the heck are ya? im checking out some Uber Goober website and it lead me here, haha
guest: hey i dont know when or even if you will get this, but bro, hit me up
Steve: hey booker!! whats up man!
ChristFanatic: Wow quick reply metzae ...may your day be splendiferous
IslamFanatic: BOOM!
Metzae: Okay . . . I know that wasn't PC, but that was funny.
BigJ: thought you would enjoy that
guest: at least christians aren't killing people in the name of their god... except abortion clinics, but thats god's plan
Metzae: Pro-war types are hard-pressed to convince me that the war in Iraq isn't (at least subconsciously) motivated by religion. After all, what was the last predominantly Christian nation we invaded?
BigJ: France... and that was to free the christian french from the christian nazis
Metzae: Yeah, but World War 2 was different. Religion was not an issue like it is today.
BigJ: i agree... but i just wanted to answer your question
BigJ: I remember in a speech that Bush called this war a "crusade." this is not the way to "win the hearts and minds" of the iraqi people. and by "winning the hearts and minds" does he mean converting them to christianity? christians seem to like to try and do that... to EVERYONE.
Christians: your religion is silly... change to ours so we dont have to kill you
Metzae: You don't reeeeeally think Christians are like that, doooo yooooou?
BigJ: me? sometimes it seems that way. of course i know i'm making a generalization, not all are like that, but the more fanatical of the bunch certainly can be or are.
Metzae: I completely agree. I was just making sure. :o)
Suzan: Seeing as how i use to be one i can tell you they are like that. We would go to church to be told new ways to tell eveyone about the "Word of God" and how they can because just like us.
BigJ: ah HA! i knew it. religion is fast becoming nothing more than a business. SELL SELL SELL! my suggestion: sex sells... change your moral code.
ChristFanatic: Yeah! There's big money it. Ask my Dad...he's a preacher/minister.
BigJ: we have a 22,000 person church down here... its sick... they could have given that money to the poor but instead built a huge, ridiculous church with waterfalls and shit.... what a waste
Suzan: The church that my fam. goes to here in town did that a few years ago... now they are raising money to make it larger. Hey I got an idea lets raise money so that the homeless people in town have a place to live... no no wait we cant do that we wouldnt be thinking of the Christians first.
guest: Ok, so what you're saying is that the church pushes for people to help the needy , but yet they don't deliver. Instead they spend the money on things such as a bigger church. And you push for people to help the needy and homeless and yet you spend your money on what? I'm just curious. You may be an outstanding person who gives ten percent of your income to homeless people. If not, then it just sounds like you're bashing the church for no good reason, other than you're a bigot.
guest: Well, not a bigot, sorry. Prejudiced towards christians. This may not be the case, but please clarify.
Metzae: I don't claim to speak for them, but I know the flaw in what you're saying. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn't matter what they spend their money on. The criticism still stands. The church is supposed to be a humanitarian organization, but far too often it isn't. That’s a valid concern, and the bias of the person who notes it is irrelevant.
BigJ: i never claimed to have the sole purpose to help the needy, as the church does. i believe if you preach it you should follow through, or thats called fraud. I do give money to the needy, for example the guys sitting outside the gas stations asking for some change or pledging money for cancer research,MS research, etc.
Suzan: What I was saying is like what Metzae said... "The church is supposed to be a humanitarian organization, but it seems that all they think about is making the church larger and seeing how many people that can pack in on Sunday morning. And no I am not prejudice towards Christians my whole family except me are Christians. I just dont believe in what they believe in and when an organized group says that they are there to help others (whatever that may mean) then that is what they should do first .... not think of where they are going to get the money to add a wing to the newly built very large Chruch.
Suzan: Sorry that was so long Metzae! ;)
PhysicsGirl: See!! It's easy to get carried away on this thing. :)
Suzan: It is ! (that was said like Rachael ) PGirl
Metzae: It's okay to get carried away, especially if it gets a ton of people talking.
guest: What differentiates humans from the rest of the animals?
BigJ: interesting question.... i'd say written language
PhysicsGirl: Or how about the fact that we know that one day we will die.
Metzae: Ack! When was the last time you two read Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors? Humans aren't the only species that have a written language and can recognize their mortality.
BigJ: its been way too long i guess... what other species has written language?
PhysicsGirl: Yes shame on me. I don't think i've ever read it. Shame, shame shame ....
Metzae: Hohhhh-leeee shit. BAD 'Manda! Bad!
Suzan: Also I never realized it but dogs can sense when they are about to die I am a witness to that. It is something but they know.
Metzae: It seems to me that any species that can't sense its own mortality is not likely to evolve much.
Suzan: True that!!
guest: I just want everyone to know I got a new Motorcycle today :) it is a 2003 Honda Shadow 750
Suzan: oh that was me! It is Orange it is great I love love love it even riding around in the rain all day!
guest1: i am locked in a room with a 100 rabid clowns all with beanie babies....don't send help!
Metzae: That's hot.
Suzan: ok I am so not all about the clowns i hate them ... u sure you dont want help?
ChristFanatic: Little late in response....but yes modest church high your steeple is bad....but please be careful in your characterization and stereotyping of christianity....Lot of them on a wrong path? You betcha ....but I don't think metzae wants to rename the site "We hate Christians"...Let your day be splendiferious
Satan: Perhaps he does
Metzae: I love you guys.
We Hate Christians: someone call me?
Suzan: and we love you to too Metzae!
ChristFanatic: Yes our love overfloweth.....XXXOOO
Metzae: Ew. I think you got some of that love on me. Anyone have a sock?
BigJ: i'd give you mine but i think its full
Suzan: Just washed mine... here you go.... (hands Metzae sock)
The Sock: mmmm....tasty!
BigJ: site is loading very slow today....
Metzae: Is it? I hadn't noticed. Give it a while, and try again. If that doesn't work, eat poo.
ChristFanatic: Just thought I would point out, that since State and Federal government can't seem to step up to the plate and get food, shelter, and medical supplies to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, it is the faith based organizations stepping up to the plate. Can they do it all themselves? No. But they are making a difference, and seems they are the only ones able to get in to the ravaged areas. (site loaded fine 9:45 am 9-2-05)
PhysicsGirl: The feds HAVE stepped up. They have moved nearly 30,000 people from New Orleans to the Astrodome, (I know cuz it's a block from my house) and they have sent countless ships on their way. Unfortunatly these ships take up to 5 days to get there, so the aid hasn't arrived yet. I never thought i'd be the one to defend the feds, but hey ... they are tyring.
BigJ: i haven't heard anything about faith-based orgs doing anything but praying...but nothing useful. i thought this administration WAS a faith-based org. (site still loading slow.. .must be the work computers)
ChristFanatic: Wow! Defending Bush before you will admit that faith based orgs. are helping. Big J all you have to do is a little research I even saw it on CNN where the only relief people are getting is from churches nearby. Still stereotyping and refusing to see any good in these organizations. Blinded with hate.
BigJ: why would i research into faith-based help? if i'm blinded by faith, you are blinded by ignorance.
ChristFanatic: PhysicsGirl I find this very interesting. Please keep us up to date with your first hand accounts. I imagine many that frequent the site would be interested in what you see and hear. May your day be splendiferous.
guest: i'd have to agree with Big J, how can a religeous person call someone else blinded?
BigJ: i work across the street from the astrodome.. people everywhere.. cars everywhere.. we're handing out water out front of the lab... an incredible sight
ChristFanatic: Hate ....intolerance...what ever you want to call it....its like the pot calling the kettle black. Stop and reflect before you reply. Have you anything nice to say?
BigJ: judge not, lest ye be judged yourself
BigJ: now i'm just bullshitting
ChristFanatic: Unbelievable. Thank you for helping. I wish I could do more here in the "Bible Belt" . We are supposed to be getting some of the refuges here in Lubbock at the old Reese Center.
BigJ: wow... quite a trip for those people. do what you can.
ChristFanatic: We will and you do likewise.
Metzae: I'm sure there are faith-based organizations helping, but it would be foolish to think they are the majority and even more foolish to think that they are the only organizations helping.
BigJ: leave it to metzae to bring logic into our discussion.. tisk tisk
Metzae: LOL Damn! I'm such a bastard.
PhysicsGirl: Instead of arguing about who is helping out more, why don't you do something to help. Go to this ... it's a list of all the charities that you can donate to and where the money will actually go. You can even donate to the pets that are left homeless, and if you are a softie like me then you will. :)
Metzae: Um . . . I hate to tell you this, but most Americans could give less than a shit about the people in the flooded regions. Just ask the person next to you what they've done to help.
ChristFanatic: Glad you asked what I have done. My faith-based org. got a hold of our local Red Cross. 200 people (including myself) used our holiday to make kits for the refugees coming to Lubbock. I talked to my boss and he donated all the boxes to put the stuff in. Metzae is right. F.B.Orgs. are not the majority of the help now. But to completely dismiss them is foolish as well.
ChristFanatic: PhysicsGirl is right. Let's roll up our sleeves and sacrifice some of our time, some of our energy, some of our money. Make a difference.
BigJ: would it be fair to say that the FB orgs took control of the situation at first because the federal govt did nothing?
ChristFanatic: I think it would be fair to say that in local and isolated situations that yes FB orgs stepped up and did what they could until Local, State, & Federal govts assesed the damage and took action.
ChristFanatic: I think you would be surprised BigJ, that most of the complaints you have with FBorgs are the same complaints I have with FBorgs.
Metzae: I think the problem I have with this discussion is that it implies that the reason faith-based organizations helped out is because they are faith-based. The truth is that, for the most part, people respond because of their humanity.
BigJ: i agree... FBorg or not... helping people in need is universally recognized as the thing to do
ChristFanatic: But Metzae, you earlier said that most Americans don't give a sh** . So yes the discussion implies correctly that the reason they have helped is because they are faith-based. The whole idea of Christianity "should" be a humanitarian response. The entire reason I even brought it up was in response to harsh cristicism posted earlier.
ChristFanatic: I love this. It makes me mind work, and to also understand other points of view.
Metzae: That's the whole point of this site. :o)
Metzae: I strongly disagree that the reason people help is because of their faith. It is their humanity, not their religion. If it was all about faith, only so-called believers would be helping.
ChristFanatic: Metzae, so have you changed your opinion that most Americans don't give a shi**? Or are all those helping doing it for the sake of humanity? Just having trouble understanding? :)
ChristFanatic: Is it universal?
ChristFanatic: If it's universal humanitarianism, why do most Americans not give a sh**? Sorry after I read what I wrote I realized it might not make sense. :)
BigJ: it is universal to feel the want to help, but many americfans are apathetic so a good number are not going to do shit... those that are helping are not necessarily doing it because their faith says they should... both answers are mostly correct
Suzan: Going a little off topic but Physicsgirl I just want you to know that at the Animal shelter here in Lubbock we have a growing number of the pets from the Hurrican. And we at this point have atleast 150 - 200 people staying at the Reese Center and they are getting the Frank Erwin center ready for more. But I just thought that you would like to know that the animal (the ones that we can find) are being well taken care of!
guest: Let's nitpick, shall we? Previously on this board fborgs. were criticized for the use of their monies. The argument basically being, a faith based, humanitarian org. should use it's money to help people in need. If this money is used for building bigger churches etc. it goes against their stated mission. People want to criticize them for the causes they deem important. One could also argue that anyone who calls themselves a humanitarian should use all their money, as well as their efforts to collect money to help fellow humans. If this is the case, then why would resources be wasted on pets. Would this money and effort not be better used for humans. Isn't every dollar and minute of effort donated to pets actually taking away from mankind? Maybe that time and money could have saved at least one more human life? Everyone is eager to point out perceived flaws in others, and offer advice on what their personal or orgs. money should be contributed to, but ultimately it's up to the individual. While I believe pets offer an abundance of joy and comfort to us, it's hard for me to make them a priority, or divert effort from human relief in order to save them. So there is another angle to argue. I wouldn't want this board to run out of topics. For making this topic known, please send cash or money order in the amount of 49.95 to scarf international. As I believe there is a shortage and need by both humans and pets for scarves, 100 percent of donations will go towards providing scarves for the fashion challenged. Thank you.
guest: Sorry so long
Metzae: Yeah, that was way too long. That's what the forum is for. Jesus, people . . . we can't even stay on topic in the shoutbox. The most recent guest has clearly missed most of this discussion. I'm not even going to address that rant until it is in an appropriate place.
Metzae: I've moved this discussion here: Faith-Based Humanitarianism
guest: Sorry about that. I don't frequent this site that often and my post was more about a previous topic on here. I was trying to tie the current topic in with it. I should have explained it better. Sorry.
BigJ: pets are people too
Suzan: Well atleast mine think that they are hehehe. And that is the only way that I would have it!
PhysicsGirl: Thanks for letting me know Suzan. :) ... I'm such a softie. I would take home every homeless cat I saw if it wasn't for BigJ reminding me how much it costs to feed them. Hell, our cats eat better than we do.
Metzae: Hey, unknown guest! Don't go away. You're not the first person to fill up the shoutbox. :o)
BigJ: ::poot::
pup: Hey eric, what is yo email?
Metzae: Pup! The one I would mention on here is I'll tell you the real one once we're in contact.
guest: cvccc
ChristFanatic: Yeah "Guest" don't be discouraged, argue & debate with love. :)
guest: helllo
Metzae: Hello!
BigJ: Greetings!
Metzae: Christ Fanatic! I have this great new CD you have to hear. You should give me a call. It's only in MP3 format, though.
guest: What a boring blog ;)
Dig: just kidding!
Metzae: Dig! Welcome! Make a screen name in the forum. Join our rants. My blog (which is pretty boring) is that button on the left that has the white B.
BigJ: whats up dig! welcome to the shoutbox where anything goes!
ChristFanatic: I'm not so sure that the "Shoutbox" really fits the definition of a blog. I couldn't say for certain since it still seems to be a literary form still in the making, and loosely defined. Anyone?
Metzae: I love that idea! It's hard to define what a shoutbox is only because we have make up our own definition. Any takers?
BigJ: Shoutbox - A place for people to share experiences, ideas, and opinions in an anonymous and unstructured manner.
Metzae: Ooh . . . that's a good one, but it appears that someone is ahead of us. Check this out: Wikipedia definition of Shoutbox
ChristFanatic: The definition is really relative, b/c I don't really think that fits in to our groups idea of what a "shoutbox" is. I like BigJ's def. better.
BigJ: so how about this pledge thingy... i say take the "under god" back out and get on with life. i dont think god cares if its name is in the pledge or not.
Metzae: I don't think there should be a pledge of allegiance.
BigJ: go here:
BigJ : i agree somewhat... if you take the pledge of allegiance, you should only have to do it once like when you turn 18. doctors dont give the hippocratic oath every day.
Metzae: There ya go. I can groove on that. I just have these images of Nazi youth doing the exact same thing every morning.
Metzae: Oh, I love the Venganza site. I started a thread a short while ago to talk about it: Alternative Intelligent Design Theory
BigJ: well, looks like we're all going to die in hurricane rita... everyone is freaking out down here, crazy man
Metzae: Yeah, people tend to get loopy when they don't understand what's going on.
PhysicsGirl: it is mass chaos! they have shut down the university of houston til Monday and they basically ordered everyone off campus. our apartment complex is even putting warnings on our doors.
ChristFanatic: Hold on down there. My prayers and meditation will be for all of your safe keeping.
ChristFanatic: I don't understand why it's wrong to question and criticize evolution? It is so unscienfific and closed minded to do so.
Metzae: It is okay to question anything, but only if we use the scientific process to question it.
BigJ: well... its 1:00 pm here and its starting to get cloudy and a little windy.. not bad though. I'll try ot keep you guys updated here as the storm progresses
Suzan: well we have 22 animals (about) at the shelter right now from people in the Houston area that came here to get away from Rita.
BigJ: 6:30pm... winds picking up.. you can see the clouds moving around the center of circulation... its very cool
BigJ: 7:30pm. sunset was vibrant pink and orange.. got some pics. clouds moving in bands quickly overhead. expect some rain soon.
BigJ: 11:30pm... no rain... no wind... this sucks... i'm drunk and going to bed
Metzae: Argh! It's a KILLER hurricane! Run for your lives! Get torched on a bus!
Metzae: Definition of irony: A bus full of people escape what they think will be a killer hurricane only to die in a tragic fire.
BigJ: i wonder if it smelled like moth balls
Suzan: Before or after the fire? ;)
BigJ: hehe... more than likely both.
PapA-J: yum.
PapA-J: yum.
PapA-J: dont recall doin that twice..
PapA-J: dont recall doin that twice..
Metzae: Doooood, are you, like, trippin'?
BigJ: dude... dude.... dude... i'm not... i'm not trippping... i'm not trippin.... dude... i'm not.... hehe... i'm not tripping
BigJ: cosmos is the shit! that second episode blew my mind as usual.
gfunk: metze..werd up yo!
Metzae: El Jeffe! Werd up! I agree with your idea of us getting a beer (or twenty) sometime.
gfunk: lets start with 10 and aim for 20
Metzae: Slacker!
guest: sandwich stacker!
gfunk: da fence, de fence, its down??
Metzae: Jes. I'm fixin' it.
jimmy: the world is coming to and end
BigJ: yall cookin' beans?
Metzae: Yes, the world is coming to an end. Our fence needed fixing since the day we moved in. As for beans . . . what?
BigJ: there is cottage cheese in my sock
Metzae: You should seriously see a doctor about that.
ford: fixin' fence and beans sounds like a bad combo
Metzae: Fixin' our fence with beans would cause a problem.
BigJ: moral of the story: you can't fix anything in life with beans and/or cottage cheese
ChristFanatic: Or perhaps a different insight to the moral is that things aren't made by chance, and you need an intelligent designer to build you a fence, or if your patient it will build itself in a couple million years. :) May your day be GRAND!
ChristFanatic: Saw the recent installment of the Cosmos on the Science Channel. What beautiful and insightful perspective. Learning something new everyday.
BigJ: i'm still waiting for my clock to self-assemble. :)
ChristFanatic: LoL ...yeah kinda like waiting on the printing press to explode and produce the Oxford Dictionary... :)
BigJ: just goes to show you how truely incredible nature can be.
ford: FINALLY the cooooooooool weather is on it's way! too bad it only rained enough to make the dirt stick!
Metzae: I am glad you are digging Cosmos. However, you need to rethink the idea of chance in evolution. It's not that kind of random chance.
ford: does it not being chance make it any less incredible?
Metzae: I think it's equally incredible, but the incredible odds are often used as an argument for the impossibility of it.
ford: incredible odds and impossibiity seem to be two ways to say the same thing
ford: implying in this case
ChristFanatic: I guess I don't understand. Are there different "kinds" of chance? Or should we be quibbling over the definition of chance? :) Please enlighten. ....Furthermore, I was hinting at the "enormous improbablity" that if left to chance your fence would erect itself with many signs pointing to an intelligent designer. No I would never say it was impossible...that would downright foolish, closedminded, and unscientific. May your day be as cool as the autumn breeze.
BigJ: i think of evolutionary chance in this manner.. say the "chances" of a self-assembling molecule arising is one in 100 billion... well, eventually its going to happen. kinda like if you play the lottery with the same numbers for millions of years.. chances are you're going to win, and probably a few times. evolution only needs that one time and its off and running.
Metzae: First of all, Ford . . . welcome! Also, "impossibility" and "improbability" are definitely not the same thing. It is a mistake to assume they are.
ford: it's in my head but it wont come out of my fingers or my mouth in any semblance of coherent conversation so i will bow out of this one .... oh .. and thanks for the welcome
Metzae: No need to bow out. Clearly you have the capacity to have coherent and intelligent conversation. :o)
BigJ: I agree based on your posts in the forum.
Metzae: Given enough time, anything that is possible will happen, or else it wouldn't be possible. This makes no assumption on how probable it is, because that's a whole other issue.
BigJ: i totally agree, you can't rule it out simply because the probablility is very low
ford: having coherent anything solely depends on the qty of tequila consumed ;-)
Metzae: LOL . . . that reminds me of a quote an ex once said: "Drinking half a bottle of tequila is NOT how to not act like a dumbass."
ford: yeah, got about half a bottle left but i'm not going to test that theory
ford: i'm not 93, i just object to giving out info that cld lead to identity theft
Metzae: Don't drink alone!
Metzae: By the way, I don't get the identity theft reference.
guest: if you look at any post by anyone it displays their age becuz your birthdate is required at registration.. mine displays 93 becuz i lied about my birth year as that information is used allllll the time to verify identity and if someone gets a hold of it, kiss your credit and everything else goodbye
ford: sorry, that was by me... it's a friday and i'm still at work.. sorry if my minds not 100% yet
Metzae: No offense, but that's overly paranoid. Your birthdate is not going to open you to indentity theft, especially not on some obscure site like this one. Besides, if someone really wanted to get your info they'd go to something like, and there'd be nothing you could do about it.
Metzae: And, I already know you're 24.
BigJ: 24? good..... good....
BigJ: I just think this site needs further advertisement
ford: i guess after dealing with fraud everyday for the last 2 years i worked at relay has made me value a little more caution ... i've seen a forum very simular to this go from nothing to international usership ... ya never know what someone might dig up in the archives somewhere.. i dont care if you know E ... i dont think you're an idiot but i'd prefer to not let every bored browser who's looking have my info blatantly out there. since i've seen the effects up close, i dont wanna chance having out just out there. decreases the likelihood even if only but a fraction
BigJ: well no matter what... welcome.
jenMetze: hello world. It's saturday and I'm already home ready to watch SNL. Sad, I know.
jenMetze: my dad was on the front page of the dallas morning news today. gahhhly I'm proud.
diogi: Hello everyone. I just finished "Democracy in America." Anyone interested in a discussion of old democracy and new democracy??
ford: i dont guess i ever got into snl... for some reason stupid comedy has never attracted my attn *shrug*
PapA-J: Congrats on Pat's front page showing! And yes, it is very sad that you're sitting at home watching SNL! HAHA! I'm home cruisin the INTERNET SUCKERS!! but i guess you were too. foiled again.
Bertha: Diogi, make a topic in the politics section about it, so we can have a funfilled conversation not to be sidetracked by the everimportant Snl commentery, I'd be happy to join in!
Metzae: I wanna add something to Any suggestions?
BigJ: quote of the day
BigJ: a news ticker... porn... descriptions of famous scientists...
ford: chat
BigJ: ya.. in addition to the shoutbox which is non-realtime chat... maybe a realtime chat box
BigJ: my sister gave me this great quote i thought i would share with you all, "The world of poetry, mythology, and religion represents the world as a man would like to have it, while science represents the world as he gradually comes to discover it." - Joseph Wood Krutch
Metzae: Ooh, me likey.
Metzae: I've tried the chat room before, but it never was used, so I ditched it. I realize it doesn't update in real-time, but the shoutbox was an attempt to bridge that gap.
ford: put it in the quote section so it doesn't disappear ... i've got lotsa quotes, i just gotta find where i wrote them all down
guest: oh wow, i just totally got one of those cartoons that i didn't get before! gotta love things that open your mind
Metzae: It's amazing how a single comment can make five years worth of work seem worthwhile.
BigJ: yo eric! Dobbin will be the weekend of Nov. 4-6 so plan on being here bitch! and bring a healthy love of beer.
ford: i think i figured out maybe which cartoon you were trying to describe the other day... two panes about religion and the best part is the guy standing after lightening "actually i'm the same one (God) you twit!" totally goes with that convo
bitch: What?! You don't wanna rub my feet? Den you can go on and git the fuck up outta here! ....Lazy ass bastard, thinks he can sleep in MY house for free...shiiiiitttt....
Metzae: Eh . . . I don't get it.
ford: someone having a bad day ???
J.D.: Poker tonight, anyone? Call me.1-888-FUL-HOUS
ford: nah, spades, 42, bones, pool.. beer.... tequila... shit i need a party
BigJ: spades, pool, beer, more beer, tequila... hell ya
Metzae: So, uhh . . . I woke up this morning to the sound of police sirens. By the time I looked out the window, it was all coming to a head. A 19-year-old kid carjacked a truck and wrecked it at my intersection (almost running into my neighbor's house). But before the cops could get to him, he shot himself.
Metzae: Here are a few pics.
PhysicsGirl: Fuck man! That's absolutely crazy!
ford: crazy! so i guess that camara crew was in your yard? was the truck jacker hurt? .. i hate theives
PapA-J: the projector pic is fabulous, considering thats almost the view you'd have if the wall wasnt there.
Metzae: Damn those walls! Always getting in the way.
BigJ: looks like Mr. carjacker shot himself... check out the white sheet hanging out the door.
PapA-J: yea, thats fuckin trippy. right across the street. smells like teen spirit..
News Flash: Dobbin weekend has been moved to Nov. 11th... please make a note of it.
Metzae: Grrrrrrrreat! Let's tell everyone about it.
PapA-J: what is dobbin?
BigJ: a weekend of drunken debochery and massive amounts of law-breaking
ChristFanatic: The greatest question of our time is not communism vs. individualism, nor Europe vs. America, nor even the East vs. the West; it is whether men can bear to live without God." Will Durant
Suzan: or for that matter bear to live with him.
BigJ: Man is capable of more than any god he can imagine.
Metzae: Isn't it interesting how a quote that is intended to support one side of the issue can support both sides?
guest: most of them can be flipped either way
Metzae: Damn flip-floppers and their constantly considering and weighing different ideas in an attempt to make a more informed judgement!
yo: i believe i meant most of the quotes like that can be flipped either way. any person who's bothering to learn to make an informed decision is someone worth talking to, but those who dismiss others ideas with a "you're just not listening" and repeat what they've said 500 times isn't. but my problem with flip floppers like kerry is they make a worse decision trying to correct the first bad one they made. yeah lets vote to send they boys to war but lets vote against the money to protect them once they're there instead of realizing that's not going to bring them home any sooner and doing something to allleviate that problem. btw, i claim no party affiliation, i believe they're all idiots
guest: sorry about the book
BigJ: I believe it was bush who sent them there unprotected in the first place... and kerry was only one vote of 100.
Metzae: I really hate that. Kerry wasn't a flip-flopper. Don't you people have any real criticisms of Kerry instead of the ones Faux News told you?
Samuel Morse: -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / --- -. . / --- ..-. / - .... . / -.-. --- --- .-.. / .--. . --- .--. .-.. . .-.-.-
PapA-J: Im finally cool!!
BigJ: damn you morse and your highly useful and life-saving code of dots and dashes!
Metzae: Check out my MySpace account. If you have one, let's be buddies.
pologyrlttu: great picture, silly boy.
yo: what a bust of a weekend
ChristFanatic: Perhaps 1 vote....but in your opinion still the wrong vote. Are we discounting Kerry's vote b/c we can cram it in with 99 others. Yes my criticism is his voting record as senator. Too centrist and socialistic for my tastes. Neax Faux News needed to make that decision. Flip-flopper,....we all change our minds along the way, and from time to time. Let your day be splendiferous.
Metzae: We're not discouting his vote, but his was one of many. Don't place too much emphasis on one person. This is a democracy, not a monoarchy.
ChristFanatic: Exactly and to put it all on Bush's shoulders and to discount the 100 other votes that could have stopped the declaration of war. Your statement is right, don't place too much emphasis on one person. It is Bush's fault along with the other Senators that voted for it as well. Democracy....mmmmm gotta love it. Or we will ram it down your throat. :)
God: ChristFanatic,..if you are going to speak on my behalf, please, please, use complete sentances.
Metzae: I knew you'd pick up on my "Bush's fault" bit, but it doesn't make Kerry any more of a flip-flopper. That was just a stupid idea that politicians planted in the minds of Americans. It doesn't even MEAN anything.
BigJ: metzae! you never cease to amaze me with your writing... i just read "absence" and found it to be terrific! write more!
Metzae: Aw, well thank ya . . . you should read "Imminent Domain."
BigJ: so pluto has 2 more moons... its interesting that scientific discovery rarely contradicts earlier findings but rather adds to what we already knew.
Metzae: What!? Pluto has TWO moons! See, astronomy must be thrown out.
BigJ: 2 MORE moons bringing the tally to 3! i wonder what the astrologers think of that!
BigJ: you would think psychics would have seen this coming and warned their astrologer friends
Metzae: LOL
Metzae: I'm sorry. I should've said something more profound, but I just had to laugh.
BigJ: man, this shoutbox is dead... where is everyone? Do i need to start an argument here?
BigJ: Pick your poison... Intelligent design should not be taught in science class, abortion should remain legal, God should be removed from public buildings, currency and the pledge and weed should be legal.
Metzae: Heh heh . . . I think BigJ should be known as the Dr. Frankenstein of the Shoutbox.
BigJ: it's alive! ITS ALIVE!!
Suzan: See the problem is I agree with all of that ... Intelligent design shouldn't be taught in science class... abortion should remail leagal, God should be removed from public buildings etc... and WEED SHOULD NOT ONLY BE LEGEL IT SHOULD BE MANDITORY!!!!
BigJ: hehe.. dangly parts
Metzae: I really think we should keep off topic. In other words, say random shit!
Metzae: So, am I the only person who feels that a mostly-white, mostly-male Supreme Court is a bad idea?
pologyrlttu: random shit
BigJ: Zeig Heil! It is za best for za fazaland.
Suzan: I like grapes...
Metzae: Holy shit! You all have to check this out:
BigJ: very nice! did you design those?
Metzae: The Passively Aggressive idea was my friend Matt's, the Grasstation logo was his brother's, and I did all the graphics. We're adding plenty more soon.
Suzan: Metzae I love how the text effect is on everything that you can click on... i just think that it is fun!
joelt: donde esta mota?
BigJ: mota es bueno
Metzae: Sí. El mota es muy buena. Hace mi cabeza entumecida.
BigJ: alright, you lost me. i dont speak mexican.
Metzae: Okay . . . how about this: See you at Dobbin!
BigJ: fuck ya!!!
BigJ: bring a baseball glove if you have one
guest: when did "donde esta" turn into "how is" instead of "where is" ?? and you say you speak mescan... *shakes head*
trin: and boredom sets in
Metzae: Dear guest, if you're looking for logic in the shoutbox, you're looking in the wrong place. :o)
Metzae: Trin: Come back! We hardly knew yee.
guest: how can i get a shout out box?
trin: i hardly know myself so i dont really expect others to know me... but HI anyway
Suzan: Well hello Trin nice to meet you .
BigJ: ah... Dobbin was another resounding success. two words... potato gun
Metzae: Yes, indeedy-doody. Dobbin was muy bueno.
trin: anyone else watch medium?
BigJ: no, i find it rather ridiculous
Metzae: But, but, but . . . sykics are rill!
BigJ: if psychics were real, they would all win the lottery... every time... always
Metzae: That assumes that psychics are greedy. Shame on you for making such assumptions! Shame!
trin: what that assumes is that psychics are not subject to the errors that are inherently human. they're only the program used to open the email. if there's an error in the syntax somewhere, the data may come out screwy. basically, they can only interpret what they're given and if they do it incorrectly, then what we get is wrong.
Metzae: Yes, psychics are subject to the errors that are inherently human. For example, seeing significance where there is none. Psychics are real, but their "powers" aren't . . . simple as that.
BigJ: there is no way to know if they are making it up or if its "real". they have been tested and have failed every time.
trin: ever think maybe they're going about the tests the wrong way? having experience de ja vu vividly myself, it's easier to believe in something like precognition. i dont, however, think that people can run around randomly reading other peoples minds and wil continue to not believe until i meet somone who can read mine. there is a difference between observing human interactions and saying things some could misconstrue as coming from esp. *shrug* but that's just me.
Metzae: Well, first of all . . . déjà vu is perfectly explanable, from a scientific point-of-view. It's just a confusion in the brain involving the dominant eye over the recessive eye. There's nothing actually to it. As far as doing the test the "right way," anything can appear to work if you set the parameters up appropriately. It doesn't mean it's real.
BigJ: unfortunately, in cases like these the science is only as good as the scientist.
Suzan: (random thought) ok I want to know why the snack food MoonPies have gotten like half as big as they use to be ... I know my hands have not grown that much. Someone answer this for ... they use to be huge now that are just itty bitty.
BigJ: i dont like moon pies, but i feel your pain over the loss of mass.
trin: where do you get that dejavu is explained by eye dominance? i seriously wld like to read that article. you have to buy the jumbo moon pies suzan. i wondered the same thing until i happened to notice the triple decker jumbo moon pie you can buy.
Metzae: I honestly don't remember. I'm sure it can't be too hard to find. And if it's not true, it should be even easier to find.
BigJ: i read it was a simple "misunderstanding" in your brain between short-term memory (the present) and long term memory (the past).
BigJ: so something happening now seems to feel like it happened before, but its just your brain playing tricks on you.
BigJ: OR you have been there before in another life, are having psychic premonitions, or are being visited by ghosts/aliens who planted memories in your head.
Suzan: I know it just has to been the aliens that do it to me.... nothing else makes as much sense. lol :)
BigJ: did someone fart?
God: haha.. that was a good one huh?
BigJ: that smells aweful!
Jesus: Goddammit.. you embarass me where ever we go together.
Metzae: Jesus! What died in here? Heh heh . . . get it?
Dig: Geez... who ate chili.....
BigJ: Christ!
Dig: Where?
BigJ: if i knew that i'd be rich.
Dig: Legalize
DEA: No... I need my paycheck.
Prison system: Me too
Metzae: Go find someone else to harrass, jackass.
Metzae: Oh, yeah! I completely forgot to mention it here. Check out the new Image Gallery. You can make your own album or browse the thousands of pics already there.
BigJ: dude, what happened to the beautiful women gallery? it was there and now its not.
Metzae: Have you registered? (I know the answer. I'm just trying to make a point.)
BigJ: fuck you and your registering....
BigJ: I'm sorry... daddy didn't mean to get angry.
BigJ: I did register but still no women.
Metzae: You have to get registered and then I have to add you to the cool person list. You're added now, so . . . enjoy!
BigJ: yeah... still not finding it
Metzae: Please don't hate me, BigJ. Click here.
BigJ: i swear it wouldn't show up for me earlier... but thanks. :)
trin: sux npt bein cool
Metzae: Oh, you're cool. All you have to do is ask to be included. :o)
trin: cant ask about something you've no knowledge of... *shrug*
jennifer: yo. i looooove wireless internet!! thanks bro
Dig: Yo dude, I wanna be in the cool group.....
Dig: Pleaze....
Metzae: It's easy. Just go to the image gallery ( and get registered! I'll do the rest.
BigJ: is it me or are republicans dirty politicians... at least dirtier than democrats?
ChristFanatic: Both are equally sleazy.
Metzae: No, the Republicans these days are far more sleazy. Democrats are just pussies right now. The Republicans are too corrupt to address their failings and the only thing Democrats can do is complain about the Republican's failings.
BigJ: i agree
study girl: god my life sucks right now
fundy: thats not funny. nothing is. nothing is ever funny. praise jesus. nothing is funny
jesus: oh c'mon! what about sex? that's pretty funny. plus, robin williams is pretty good. gimme a break here!
BigJ: so jesus... why didyou tell eveyone there was a god? your teachings would have worked even without it.
Roxy!!: I love ya Eric Mun!!
Roxy: Hehe I am hear looking at all this wierd stuff I remember when you first sent this thing to me...Bwahahah!!
Willow: I love this stuff, Its soooo cooolies
Willow: Wow. This stuff is sooo damned Interesting, I love it, I just said that but, oh well, These comics are great. ^-^
Metzae: Well, who bit everyone with the shoutbox bug? This is perdy coo'.
Shoutbox Bug: I love the taste of human blood.
guest: I like red hair and pale skin
Metzae: I know you do, Matt. I know you do . . .
Willow: Your killing me Eric, you reall are, I hate you.
Metzae: I hate you, too, sweetie!
BigJ: so much hate... you'd think this was a republican political campaign
BigJ: whats the deal with the "merry christmas" vs. "happy holidays" thing this year? did the christians not have anything else to complain about?
Metzae: Politics, brotha. Politics. They're just trying to find another knee-jerk topic to pit the masses against each other so they can keep their hands up our puppet asses.
Dig: I was thinking of that same bullshit too BigJ. Pisses me off that they get mad that someone wishes them well.
Dig: Hey I just uploaded some pics to the image gallery
trin: it comes down to they're feeling like they're being told not to say Merry Christmas becuz it might offend someone but that it's ok for the masses to say happy holidays to them which they feel is putting a lesser meaning on the holiday as it pertains to their beliefs *and largly that they've had it beaten into their heads that they MUST spread their beliefs instead of bieng taught respect* and in turn offends them. but that's ok, becuz they're christian and it's ok to offend the christian but heaven forbid we offend a nonchristian. they might get angry and complain to the govt that they're a minority and their rights are being infringed on! *shrug* but wtf do i know?
trin: oops, that was way longer than intended, apologies
Dig: When is the B party?
Jenni: haha, sucker
BigJ: i'll know that when we set a date... but dont worry... you're definitely going :)
Dig: Let us try and catch another couch on fire from "lightning"!!!
BigJ: It was lightning, and if you say anything different you hate freedom.
Dig: Interesting, you say that much clearer when you are not drunk ;)
BigJ: who says i'm not drunk? ;)
Dig: Touche
Dig: Hey everybody, Eric is drunk
Metzae: That is true. Dig speaks the truth.
seven: sup crackers
BigJ: I'm sorry to hear about Jessica... please give my condolances to the family
jennifer: jessica was wonderful. she was so damn young!
jennifer: eric, when and where was this picture taken?
PhysicsGirl: The picture looks like it was taken in high school. Unless she just didn't age. It makes me very sad to think that she is gone, and I wish I could be there.
BigJ: Old black and white photos in color
BigJ: the library of congress colorized these pics of depression-era and WW2... some are stunning.
Metzae: What does Christ really have to do with Christmas, anyway? If people are so concerned about having to say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays," then they should drop all the superfluous gift-giving and go worship Christ.
Metzae: I just noticed that the Shoutbox isn't working, so I'm disabling it until it is fixed.
Metzae: Okay, it's working again. I'm not sure why it was screwed up, but it was a simple fix.
Dig: Eric, your so hot when your frustrated.
seven: I just looked up the word Metaphysics on google and the first site was called Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings
Seven: check and mate
seven: A commonly employed, secondary, popular, usage of metaphysics includes a wide range of controversial phenomena believed by many people to exist beyond the physical.
Metzae: Beyond the physical . . . beyond. Why not just use the word supernatural? That's what it means.
Metzae: Read the Wikipedia definition: "In modern times, the meaning of the word metaphysics has become confused by popular significations that are really unrelated to metaphysics or ontology." A little premature with that mate . . .
jennifer: dad watches the worst tv
bored: he's got it on the jesus channel and is asleep in his chair. he won't let me change the channel. sillllllly man
Dig: Eric, John says your a bitch
Dig: I just made that up... or did I?
BigJ: it's "you are" or "you're" dig... come on...
Dig: remember how I like my words ... like athiest
seven: The jesus channel loves you jen
Metzae: Holy shit, dude. You've planted a camera in our house, haven't you.
guest: zanado5
Metzae: Oh, really? Zanado5, you say . . . no kidding. I never thought about it like that.
Seven: Upon closer inspection I agree, zanado5 for sure
Seven: and never mind about the cameras
Metzae: Yeah, Zana--wait, what about the cameras?
joelt: there seven goes again with the attempted mind games...HA HA HA(who told eric about the cameras damn it!!!)
PoloGyrlTTU: it was me
Metzae: Happy politically-correct holidays!
BigJ: happy winter solstice you pagan fucks
Seven: Thanks Big J Happy winter solstice to you too.
Metzae: Happy new year, everyone! I hope this one is better than 2005, which was way better than 2004.
BigJ: Happy New Year! Explosives + Karaoke + LOTS of beer = Good Times
Metzae: Yeah, we almost burned down all of Levelland while drinking ridiculously strong trashcan punch . . . at least, I think that's what we did.
seven: I love god
BigJ: i love the boogeyman
Metzae: What's the difference?
BigJ: and my point is made....
guest: holaaaa
Ivan: holaaa...
Metzae: Hola, Ivan! Are you a Spanish-speaking Russian?
seven: The difference is I love God but not the Boogeyman. The boogeyman is mean.
Metzae: That's a difference in you, not him/her/it.
BigJ: God kills people... the boogeyman hasn't killed anyone.
Seven: The boogeyman ate my kid sister
Seven: The boogeyman ate my kid sister
BigJ: twice? thats very impressive for both parties involved
seven: He did't find her that tasty the first time, so he grilled her with some BBQ sauce and beer batter.
thundergod CID motherfucker: somethings wrong with my ass.
BigJ: damn, you're making me hungry (the BBQ sauce and beer batter on your sister)
TG Cid bitches eat my sword motherfucker in your ass take the fire and the blade: no seriously. my ass....hurts!
BigJ: umm.... what?
my ass really hurts a lot tgcid mf: hahaha.... dig
Dark Mage: So the mighty TG Cid is broght down by a little ass pain. I should have gussesed
Metzae: People . . . seriously . . . what the hell are you talking about?
Red Mage: were talking about saving gia from bing distrored by the comeing evil
White mage: i ass fuck gaia
Metzae: You guys are über goobers. You know that, right?
gafgarioun, that dude who that one time was all like \'yr a b1tch\' and he was all like SLAM with his sword but i told him \'bitch that\'s my dick\' and he laffed: I wanna fight in zirekile falls. i want someone to put their balls in my mouth.
Metzae: I hope I know you.
Metzae: Tom Delay is resigning! What do you think, Republicans? Pretty cool, eh? I'm sure you're so proud.
BigJ: finally! that crooked fuck needed to go a long time ago... along with most of the other corrupt republicans in congress.
BigJ: i'm drunknow
BigJ: alcohol is good foar boys and girls
Willow: LMAO I agree BigJ
BigJ: rolling were we?
Dig: Yoda talking, You are
BigJ: narcotic pain killer + beer (7) = i'm feeling good
Metzae: Damn! I wish we were all still within ten minutes of one another.
Dig: booyaa
Willow: Haha thats a good Picture on there Eric, You're such a dork..=)
BigJ: where?
BigJ: March 4th, houston aeros hockey, private suite, $60 a person includes food. who's in?
Willow: Haha. Sounds like fun. Count me in Big J. =) lol Wish i could, hockey is hella fun to watch..
Metzae: Munich. Good flick. Not funny or exciting, but fucking brilliant. Only a small-minded person wouldn't like it.
small minded person: I hated it, It was stupid
BigJ: i hear its good.. i'll wait for dvd due to poor experiences in movie theaters
guest: Tru Dat.. can you believe what that charge for tickets... ;-0
Dig: Dig
Dig: Dug
Dig: Diggler
Metzae: Dig Dug . . . now that was a fun game (at the time). My kids will probably look at it the way I see those games that consisted of a stick with a cup on the end and a ball attached to it. You put the BALL in the CUP! Amazing!
Dig: TechSis..... blows
Metzae: LOL It sho does.
BigJ: ok.. who killed the shoutbox?
PapA-J: I did
Metzae: ::Pounds on Shoutbox's chest:: Live, damn you! LIVE!
BigJ: beeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeep.... beep.... beep..... beep..... etc
Dig: Don't you think armed SWAT members should have some restraint
jenn: what bitches? what?!~?
Metzae: Don't be such a fucking pussy! You're either with us or you're with the terrorist children!
Dig: I'm a terror-child
whore-slave of the millenium falcon: a li'l in-out, guv'nor?
ingrid cold: in your shoe......under the bed
Metzae: Okay, imagine this: Baraka + Stomp = Pulse. We just saw it and it was fantastic!
BigJ: how can one acquire this?
Metzae: We had to go to the Omnimax theater at the Science Spectrum. I have no idea how else to get your hands on it other than that.
BigJ: i didn't realize it was so new... we'll go see it this saturday at the science museum down here. thanks for the heads-up
ChristFanatic: Hey me
Dig: Seriously guys go fix your yahoo.. check my post
Moogle: moog moooog. mog mog moooog. le. el.. moogle. mooglemoolllgle.
BigJ: i'd rather be a mogul than a moogle.
Metzae: I'd rather be a muggle!
potter's hooker: muggle = fag.
Metzae: Nuh unh! You're the fag, you faggy fag-o-rama doodiehead queerbait.
BigJ: How long do you think until the bird flu breaks out?
Metzae: I dunno, but I'll bet it's the first sign of the apocalypse. Or is it the third? I forget.
Nick: the bird fru? ahh shit i think i got it, from fuckin all those chickens when i went to kentucky
Nick: i had to add my own batter to the 7 herbs and spices.
Nick: I just thouhgt i would drop in and say hello to all you hacks, eric, john, and the rest of you haters. call me!
BigJ: whats up nicky-poo
Metzae: Sticky Nicky! Come back to us.
Willow: Your a chickem fucker? Interesting, .....
BigJ: I hear chicken fucking is big in europe.
Metzae: HUGE!
BigJ: like my ball (lefty)
Metzae: Man, talk about lucky . . . we were allowed to adopt a two-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo named Rosie. She is so cool!
no-eyed square guy: i am too rich to die
man-girl: woman power on.
YEAH: Super Mario Bros. Super Synth
Metzae: That is awesome! Thank you for that, YEAH.
Metzae: So, is everyone excited about the BIG GAME? Go Penguins!
Dig: Can you hear that.... the sound of people sleeping
BigJ: good.. they're asleep... quickly move the blade over their left and right carotid arteries.
BigJ: YO! We're coming to lubbock this weekend. Friday night at my sisters= olympics party, saturday = Jazz brunch
Metzae: Sweet Jebus, that's good to know. I'll hide the fine China.
Dig: Damn, I'm glad you warned me!
Metzae: This is pretty cool: Metzae Network Stats. Click on world map of recent visitors, near the top.
Admin: I need everyone to email their passwords to me now, my e-mail address is iamanidiot @ please include your username
BigJ: Fuck Off.
Metzae: Yaaaaaay! I got to ban my first user. Wow, almost six years and I've never had to ban anyone until now.
Dig: Who was it... tell me, tell me!!!
Metzae: It was that goofball Admin. They may be a cool person, but asking everyone for passwords shows he's probably a dipshit.
BigJ: yeah, who isn't going to see straight through that ploy? what a retard.
Metzae: Sadly, there are a lot of people that would fall for it. Fortunately, very few of them wander into this site.
BigJ: good...and stay out.
BigJ: my chat room thingy isn't working
Metzae: It's not up yet. I'm fixing that right now.
PapA-J: Chat rooms?
Metzae: Yeah, I just added one today. You can get to it by clicking the top icon on the left or the link at the bottom left of the site.
guest: WORD.
PapA-J: oops, fergot the name entry again..
PapA-J: oops, fergot the name entry again..
Suzan: come on PapA-J get it together:)
Metzae: Holy crap! You can Bork the new chat room.
Suzan: now that is just funny that you can bork that!
guest: what is borking, and will i need lube to do it?
seven: ?
Metzae: Wow, the Shoutbox has been quiet since I added the chat room.
guest: for fucking.
PapA-J: indeed.
Metzae: Where is the chat room, you ask? It's still here: However, I have installed a new chat program that might work better:
PapA-J: how do I log in? the new chat wont accept my user/pass
Metzae: Have you tried prayer?
PapA-J: I knew I had fergotten sumthin!
Metzae: Forget everything you've ever known about chat rooms at The past week is in the . . . uh . . . past. See the future:
BigJ: MUCH improved...
guest: this sucks
guest: the whole site
guest: I wish "absence" was absent from my head - that sucked
Metzae: Aw, you poor thing. You can talk shit but can't own up to it. How sad. Don't blame me for your lack of class, attention, or sense of aesthetics.
BigJ: I thought that was a fantastic story ... guest should go back to reading books with mostly pictures.
tIffAnY: it's just a trial deal ... the true launch isn't until 4/15 but a customer showed me this so I thought I would show everyone else :) ha ha
LINK, motherfuckers: just wanted to tell yall: balls is whats for dinner.
guest: just wondering, where are the videos that were posted on 'caught on camera' website??
Metzae: Thank the dildo hacker that decided to crash the "Caught On Camera" and "World's Best Commercials" sites.
guest: so where can i find them?
jennifer: what a fucking day! ohhh wellllll I guess I'll just have to sacrifice another baby on the alter.
Metzae: Guest, you can't find the videos right now. No, wait. That's a lie . . .
Free Videos:
guest: i'm new to texas and i'm looking to score with some dude(s).
BigJ: uhh... take that brokeback shit to wyoming
PapA-J: There is a part of me that wants to go see Brokeback Mountain. Did you know Ang Lee directed this? (the guy who directed "Crouching Tiger, HIdden Dragon" and "The Hulk")
Metzae: Part of you wants to see it? Come on, now! It's apparently a good movie. Why, you can almost smell the leather!
BigJ: I'll rent it and avoid the looks going to the theater.
Metzae: ::sigh:: Homophobia is so deeply engrained in our society that even the most open-minded, liberal, gay-friendly people I know still make half-serious jokes about not appearing gay.
Suzan: OMG you wont go see it in the theater. That makes me sad :(
BigJ: ya... i wont go to escape the ridicule of friends and save a million dollars for tickets.
guest: Yea, who would want to be labeled as "The guy who went to see the next film by the director of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"?
Suzan: hehehe
Metzae: It's not about the dragon, it's about the faggin'. ;o)
BigJ: haha... i also simply prefer to watch movies at home since i've had too many bad experiences in theaters with asshole patrons.
Metzae: Amen to that! There should be a special theater for dipshits who talk through a movie, kick other people's seats, and/or continuously leave and enter the theater. Fuck you people!
Metzae: So, anyway . . . look at this: Bonsaijitu Tree
PapA-J: nice, thanks. and the house one is fucked up. I looked in the window.
Metzae: Heh . . .
BigJ: So no one is in the chat room anymore and no one posts in the forum anymore.... booooo!
PapA-J: I go in the chat room and talk to myself...then I close the window on accident.
Metzae: I need to make it where no one gets logged out automatically, then you can stay in there all day.
Metzae: Did someone say there's something wrong with the shoutbox?
BigJ: yeah, whats all this stuff below here? it looks like morse code but are links to cafepress/employee insiders/ etc
Metzae: Damn! That's invisible on FireFox, but not IE.
Amy: Hey! It was nice to meet you! Great site.. its awesome!
BigJ: Where did the forums go?
Metzae: They're there . . . see?
guest: Hey it has trapped my screen name on here and wont let me get into it
guest: Hey it has trapped my screen name on here and wont let me get into it it is reptilian78
Pup: Eric, please go to and check out Frank's home abortion kit. I'm presonally against abortion, but this clip is toooooo funny not to laugh at. I love the way he just bursts into the scene. ha ha ha Trust me, you'll love itl
Metzae: Holy shit, that's hilarious! Thank you, Puppito.
Metzae: Oh, and I'm against abortion, too . . . I just don't think we have the right to dictate who can and who can't. Peath!
reptilian78: home see yall when i wake
guest: bitches: play xbox360 drunk off your candy asses. ready: steady: go!
guest: pic
PapA-J: Happy Early B-Day Metzae.
Metzae: Thanks, brotha. I made it past 27 without controversy or self-destruction. Take that, Cobain!
PapA-J: Happy Early B-Day Metzae.
Suzan: Happy B-Day
reptilian78: Happy B-day Eric i have some 151 for you
Dig: Yo yo... happy bday
Seven: Happy late Bday eric, sorry I didn't make it out last night. I'm a worthless friend and i understand if you never wish to see me again
Metzae: Even at the risk of sounding insincere or cliché, I want to thank everyone who called, texted, shoutboxed, emailed, or IMed me for my birthday. You may never know what it has meant for me. It's humbling that you know I'm here, and comforting to know you're there.
physicsgirl: Is anyone else having problems with the chat?
BigJ: i am an awful friend... happy birfday dude... a day late. stupid planetary rotation.
PapA-J: >Physicsgirl - Chat is down for now. Our fearless leader is attemting to fix. Might I suggest "Trying Prayer".
guest: Going to fight in the SCA tourney Sat if anyone would like to come out and watch
reptilian: Going to fight in the SCA tourney Sat if anyone would like to come out and watch
Dig: SCA?... a fight sounds good!
guest: SCA mid evil style fighting bruises sometimes blood and all
PapA-J: Who're you reptilian? and how long have you been involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism?
Metzae: The chat room is working. You'll have to register now, though.
Dig: Chat is muy bueno
jennifer: check out
BigJ: Thank you Jennifer, Thank you.
PapA-J: Wow. Thank you Jennifer!. This thing even knows MSI. Word to your brother.
Metzae: You know, I'm playing F.E.A.R. on the hardest difficulty and it makes me reeeeeeally look forward to the advancement of A.I.
Metzae: And hopefully they'll be more creative than that. ;o)
guest: archives
Metzae: Sometimes I wonder if people who do that even speak English are just assuming this is a search engine.
guest: the hell?
stick: you i punch! with stick!
Metzae: Guest, you jumped the gun with the "the hell?" comment. I think Stick's comment was far more cryptic.
joelt: what up homies
guest: want some rye?
Metzae: Umm . . . do you mean bread or is there some deeper meaning to your query? Hmmmm?
guest: want some rye?
guest: 'course ya do...
Dig: boo
Dig: rye rye rye your boat
BigJ: Happy 4/20 everyone!
joelt: haapy 420 to all
Metzae: Happy . . . umm . . . Thursday!
Dig: Why is nobody using this thing?
Metzae: I guess I should switch back to making this the main page.
Dig: Do you think people are having difficulty navigating the site...? it is enormous
Metzae: Ideally, fo,ks start out on the main page and use the links at the top to open each section. I do want to simplify it, though.
BigJ: i have to say.... i like this old one better.
Metzae: Me, too . . .
BigJ: Oblivion is a tool
Metzae: You know what is a really beautiful word? Unencumbered.
BigJ: damn.... thats a good one. how about "delicious"
Metzae: San Diego is delicious right now.
Suzan: wooo hooo its back!
guest: If I were a mother, I'm sure the cardboard would be steamed by now. Damn I swear, hotel fish too expensive for Easter brunch, biotch.
Metzae: Damn, I hate it when someone beats me to realizing such profound thoughts.
guest: fuckin' A. And if I weren't so Beer, I'd tell you the following: "Space is for retards and farmers there chief. So git along little doggie."But I'm all like: light bulbs for dinner? light bulbs for dinner?! Well okay then I'll fly. Away. Or something. Maybe I'll just sit here and spin the hoop. Damn that's a story boy I'll tell ya. Electricity is one way to treat yer lady that's for goddamn sure. And uh. what's your name again? Want some rye?
Metzae: Egads! It's Frankenstein prose! Run for the hills!
Suzan: People come back to the shout box!!!!!!
Dig: I'm engaged yall
Dig: And I graduated!
Dig: Oh, and I prefer brown rice to rye
BigJ: Congrats on both occassions!
Metzae: Absolutely! Brown rice is definitely the correct decision!
guest: people are like walking across the plains in organized lines but i'm betting their flags dip in the wind like everyone else's. and what about sunday? are we going out? there's a pallet of plastic objects with our names on it. if anyone needs a clue its simple: cambridge. and i'll tell ya: if milled steel, then hemotoma.
Metzae: Here's a tip: try to make your point without so many metaphors, similes, etc. You just sound like a crazy person.
guest: cause i was all "fuck" that one time i got off work at the wal-marts. it was all late and my ass was hurting from hiding out from my boss in the tent aisle. but that wasn't why i brought us here today you know what i'm sayin? i brought us here to discuss exactly what the fuck are we supposed to do about all these goddamn chickens? i mean come on guys! a dozen or two is fine but several hundred will be much more difficult to arm and train. who here thinks so? this revolution is what you make of it. think of it like you were preparing your daughter for her forced marriage with a man already married 5 times over. it takes time, paitence, and a bit of the whip if you know what i'm sayin. and i bet you do. well anyway back to what i was saying about my day at the wal-marts ****CONNECTION DELETED****
Metzae: Zzz...
BigJ: I didn't realize they had computers in special ed classrooms
guest: am i retarded that that made sense?
guest: i'm kinna drunk. is this a drunk place for drinkin?
Metzae: Not really because it's hard to drink a web site, but you're more than welcome to get drunk a mess around!
hello: mess around with myself?
Metzae: Mmkay. As long as you clean up the mess afterwards.
guest: sex
Metzae: pistols
guest: penis + vagina
Metzae: heterosexual intercourse
BigJ: mmmm....thats the good stuff
Metzae: Kill all hackers!
I am getting fucking tired of these misguided, fundamentalist, zealots! Educate yourself before you trash a web site for a "good" cause, you stupid shits.

Metzae: Blah, blah, blah . . . I am over that last rant. I wish someone else would talk now so that will go away.
PapA-J: Papa-J
PapA-J: Its too late eric! you started a war between hackers and... well, other people who use computers. The hackers will die and nothing you say is going to stop us. See what you did?
guest: do you want to be invited to the pants party?
Metzae: Are you inviting me to a party in your pants? What kind of party is it?
guest: what?
Metzae: Party. What kind? Come on . . . play with the joke.
guest: i dont understand how a party could fit in your pants.
Metzae: Goodneth . . . have yee no imagination!? The pants party does not have to be big. It's more of get-together than a party, really.
guest: i only go to parties to get laid.
Metzae: Well, congrats! You've come to the right party!
PapA-J: I posted a link but it seems to have been left open, causing all the following text to be linked... sorry.
Metzae: Heh . . . don't know what you're talking about. ;o)
BigJ: mmmm... pants party
Metzae: Pry-ing o-pen my third eye!
Helmi: Hi there!
Helmi: Can I hv a talk here?
Metzae: Yes, you can! but keep in mind that it will take time for people to see you talking.
Helmi: what is yr Yahoo Messenger ID?
Metzae: EricPMetze
Metzae: and also smallpenisenvy007
Dig: haha eric has a small penis with envy, stirred not shaken!
Metzae: I am absolutely green with envy. I can't lie. I will never experience what it's like to have a small penis.
BigJ: Its not that fun.... err.... so I hear.
Metzae: Happy 6-6-6, everyone! Have a good day. Muah hah haaaa!
BigJ: Sinners repent! The end is nigh!
guest: I would like to thank the academy, and my mom for this award. Without them, I would be nothing. I would also like to take this time to point out that if the hole in our universe expands any more, infinity will cease to wave its many arms across this fair and just United States of The Galaxy, as I like to refer to it. Infinity, man! No more! Gone! To the goddamn pinko terrorists! And do you know who's fault that'll be? Yours, Americauniverse. Yours.
Metzae: Mmkay.
Metzae: I'm going to California with an aching in my heart . . .
BigJ: Horray, they killed al-zakaw . . . al-zarqawee . . . al-czarkwi . . . you know who i mean.
Metzae: Woo-hoo! We won! Terrorism is finished! Hooray America!
BigJ: Finally we are safe here in America. Thank you George Bush for securing our future by killing muslims.
guest: i'd like to give a big fuck you to the grand canyon.
Metzae: Yikes. What'd that national park ever do to yooooou!? Gaw.
Metzae: No, seriously. Wuddup?
guest: sombitch stole my wife.
assmunch runnin down a building, FCUK: my name is alice and i work for the umbrella agency. a giant underground lab. hellicopter. let's go.
Metzae: Ooh! I have a crazy stalker now. How cool is that? And he's not even gay! At least, I don't think he's completely gay . . .
BigJ: Gay stalkers are so last season... now they are all metrosexual.
BigJ: Congrats on the stalker though, I guess this means your site is really moving up in the world.
Metzae: I don't think it was my site that brought this on.
Suzan: so yeah i just wanted to say hello mr. metzae..
Metzae: Heya, MeSo! We'll be back in the Hub City soon. Gotta make da big bucks.
BigJ: Where are you now?
Metzae: San Antonio! Home of the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and way too much humidity and heat.
motherfucker!: sweet fancy moses.
Metzae: I like it. It's big. It's fancy. Fancy paaaants.
Metzae: Dude, I know. Totally...
seven: do you really think that would stop us?
Metzae: The reality is that our arms are the length they are because we masturbate and have for hundreds of thousands of generations.
BigJ: Without jerking off our species would have gone extinct. Exhibit A: The dinosaurs... very short arms.
TG Cid: try jerkin yr junk with lightin'. with yr sword in your hand! oooh EEEYah
Metzae: You know, I have to say my favorite euphemism for this has got to be "throwin' a jerk."
MINSC: beat the bishop!!
WHAT WE\"LL BECOME: Hume: the majority population in Ivalice. The individuals of this race vary in intelligence, culture and appearance. There are other anthropoid races in Ivaliace, but the ones that are more intelligent prefer not to show themselves to Humes. Less intelligent Humes are considered laborers and slaves.
BigJ: Happy Summer Solstice!
Metzae: Holy poo! That's right! Happy sumsol, indeeeed! Um . . . should we be giving presents or something?
BigJ: no, then we'd be sellouts like christianity
guest: i only roll 20s
joel: hey what the fuck up bitches!!
guest: my balls are 20 sided bitch
Metzae: I hate to say this, but the shoutbox is running at a less-than-impressive level.
BigJ: I agree... we used to have great conversations in here and now its just retarded crap
guest: yall are crazy
Metzae: Yes, we are. BOO! Ha hah! I scaredededed you.
PapA-J: I apologize for the lack of intelligent conversation. I myself have recently become retarded.
Metzae: Indeed, I believe it is infectious as I be not having think good is me.
Metzae: Hey, fellow geeks! You must see: Star Trek vs. Star Wars
PapA-J: That was great! Must have been a pain in the ass to edit.
Metzae: Yes, but what a wonderful pain in the ass it would've been.
Metzae: No, wait . . . that's not what I meant.
guest: heh you one dem street magician queers ain't cha?
Metzae: Now you see it, now you don't!
PapA-J: That was great! Must have been a pain in the ass to edit.
Metzae: Hmm . . . I know your computer automatically repeats stuff sometimes, but after a couple days?
PapA-J: I think I figured it out. Its my SessionSaver on Firefox. If I Closed firefox on your page, it loaded it up the next time I opened it and repeated the text. At least, thats my current hypothesis.
BigJ: This calls for an experiement. Try to duplicate a message using your hypothesis.
guest: hypotenus? hippopotimus? WTFesis?
Metzae: Hippocampus, ya big ol' dummie! It's where the Egyptian god of death goes to schule.
Metzae: Okay, I admit that wasn't funny. I can admit it and we can move on. Heh . . . right?
BigJ: Osiris is the egyptian god of death. I'm not sure how that fits into your "joke".
BigJ: dammit... my penis exploded
Metzae: I told you that'd happen, but did you listen to me? Noooooooo.
BigJ: you're not helping! I need a mop or something.
BigJ: christ! there's enough here to feed a small chinese village for a week!
PapA-J: Experiment Started.
PapA-J: Experiment Started.
PapA-J: And again.. This time setting to google before I shut down firefox.
PapA-J: It seems that my hypothesis was correct. Or is further testing needed?
guest: Haha. I fergot to go somewhere else before I closed it. Again.
PapA-J: hmm. odd. More testing is needed. I might have interupted the repeat text by changing the text before the page was fully loaded. hmm..
PapA-J: Have any of you heard of Coheed and Cambria?
Metzae: That's a negatorispelling.
BigJ: I've heard of them.... not in a long time though.
Metzae: Oddly enough, one of their songs came up randomly on my computer today. I've never heard of them until now and don't know how it got on my 'puter. But it did, and I'm glad.
BigJ: I need the couple of paragraphs from i think chapter 12 of cosmos that talks about "what hydrogen atoms do given 13 billion years to evolve"
Metzae: Dude! The book is in your apartment. At least, it betta be!
BigJ: No, that bitch ellen still has it up in lubbock. I should have bought a new one by now but havne't. I'm a horrible human being.
Metzae: Ah, yes . . . that meddling bitch, Ellen. If I ever run into her, she better not speak to me.
Metzae: ::ahem:: Excuse me. I had a moment, but I'm over it.
Dig: Its not the coughing that gets you so often, Its the coffin they carry you off in.
seven: I can't help but laugh greedily as I fondle, lovingly, my unread copy of Carl Sagan's masterful work... ....wahhahahahh ha hah ahhahaha.
Metzae: Damn yooou, Matthewww! You are toying with my emotions and robbing yourself of a wonderful experience! ::sniff::
guest: The Fermi Paradox is an apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for or contact with such civilizations.
Metzae: Is it really a paradox, though? I mean, does it not take into account the vast distances between all the inhabitable systems in the universe?
seven: hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe
Metzae: No, seriously. People pose these great questions and then leave like there's no discussion to be had.
guest: distance doesn't matter. they're talking raw probability. they're saying "here's all these systems that should support life! but where is the evidence? why aren't the contacting us?"
onezerozerozeroone: here's the actual wording of the paradox:The size and age of the universe suggest that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations ought to exist. However, this belief seems logically inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence to support it. Either the initial assumption is incorrect and technologically advanced intelligent life is much rarer than believed, current observations are incomplete and human beings have not detected other civilizations yet, or search methodologies are flawed and incorrect indicators are being sought.
Metzae: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I don't think you truly understand how vast the universe is . . .
seven: or the aliens have a prime directive and wont contact us untill me have achieved a certain level of technological advancement.
Dig: Are we not proof enough?
Dig: Just because we cannot hear the tree fall in the woods does not mean that it makes no noise.
Heaven\'s Guest: This is the Lord's favorite planet. The rest is just fluff. He wouldn't put any life on them. I'm His favorite.
guest: I would rather my Lord to be a Lady so that I wouldn't be gay
guest: i'm gay for god. do me in the pooper.
guest: see infinity throws a wrench into finitie measurements of things like distance. If you say that the universe is infinitly large, then the percentage to find intelligent life besides our own will be 100%. every time. because if you can search forever in all directions then damn right you'll find evidence.
Metzae: Space itself is infinitely large, but matter that can collect into life is in a finite amount of space.
Dig: Or is it?????
dig: yo eric check your pm
BigJ: Yo! I'm back baby. dig, send me your email address.
Dig: man, schwagg sux
Metzae: Bollocks! It's all the same stuff, only with different concentrations of the active ingredient. It's all a matter of moderation.
Dig: Cool Optical Illusion
Metzae: Holy shit, that is cool. You actually see things like you're tripping. Or, um . . . from what I hear people say about it.
BigJ: Whoa dude.. i'm like totally trippin'
Metzae: Dooood! Me, too! I'm, like, totally triznippin' my bizzles off! See, our thumbs are opposable and that's why can use tools and evolve . . .
BigJ: everyone gang up on eric and tell him to go get measured. t-minus 4 days.
Metzae: LOL Oopth. Sorry. I'll do that tomorrow.
Metzae: "V for Vendetta" is one of my all-time favorite movies. Valerie makes me cry each time she tells me she loves me.
guest: we gotta shake this shit up.
Metzae: Shake it like a Polaroid picture!
guest: fucing lam3
Metzae: Okay, if you're going to say something is fucking lame, try not to spell like your brain is lame.
guest: but 1m a 1337 haxorz. 1 am teh cool
Metzae: Ohhh, okay. I get it. Very elite, indeed.
Metzae: By the way, knowing that the last guest entry was a fake makes it freakin' hilarious.
BigJ: Isreal should be destroyed by all the arab nations together... no one would help the jews cuz the US is tied up in Iraq with no more military
Osama: You would make a good recruit
BigJ: Can it sand nigger, i was just playing devil's advocate to get a conversation going
Metzae: Yeah, that last statement by Osama was clearly a Faux News watcher.
BigJ: Have you seen the clips on YouTube showing how Faux News edits their footage to make Democrats look bad?
Metzae:! Me want link!
Metzae: Oh, by the way, weee're heading to Houuuustonnnn!
BigJ: Hell-fucking-yes! Call me when you get a chance so I can inform you about Friday. Partay time!
Metzae: We're on the side of the road, a couple hours from Brownwood. Mmm . . . Underwooood's.
BigJ: dude.... you suck
Metzae: Well, I'd say that was a successful bachelor party.
BigJ: yes, indeed. I'm not sure that stripper would say the same thing.
suck my kobold arrows: this is not a chat room, but i need me some dragonlance. right now.
Metzae: Jesus, I'm so out of the gaming loop these days. I don't even know what Dragonlance is! :o(
BigJ: It sounds like something I dont even want to know what it is. What happened to the good old rocketlauncher?
Metzae: Rockets are shaped like penises.
guest: Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sul
Metzae: Bollocks! That's not a real BBC page. Search the BBC web site (hell, search Google). Or, you could look at the date on the article.
Metzae: Congratulations, John & Amanda Galbincea!
guest: i think i am tripping.
guest: uhh..arms tired from all this whackin
Metzae: Ugh . . . my leg is tired from all that driving. I don't have cruise control.
guest: PUSSY
Metzae: Bitch, you haven't left your own town in months, so don't give me that shit.
BigJ: haha.. you tell him! small-town pussies. :)
BigJ: How is/was California?
Metzae: Caleefornia was nice, but I didn't stay long. I did, however, bring someone back with me, and that is turning out to be the defintion of incredible.
BigJ: That is fantastic! You'll have to tell me about this sometime.
guest: is it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Suzan: Just wanted to say what's up to everyone and HAPPY 420!!!!!!!!!!
BigJ: umm... it's August.
Metzae: I think she was referring to the time. MeSo's new job keeps her up during the graveyard shift.
BigJ: ah, i see. I was really confused for a minute there.
Suzan: Haha sorry about that... yes i was talking about the time. :)
guest: i just wanted to give everybody a heads up
guest: that the world will end in nucular war on septmeber 12
BigJ: that is so stupid
Metzae: I know. Even spelled it nuke-yoo-ler. Moron.
Metzae: The site will have serious issues over the next couple days, and we may even lose a few important things, but it'll be okay. Try not to kill yourself.
Metzae: Oh, I don't mind enabling people. After all, if someone kills themselves, at least I will live to tell everyone how selfish they were.
PapA-J: Eric, your sites all féd up
Metzae: Yes, I know. (See above message.)
Metzae: The new Soapbox is now online! ::crosses fingers::
Metzae: Damn glitches. I hope the Shoutbox is working now . . . I mean, besides for me.
Suzan: Lets see if this works for me now.....
Suzan: So yeah the shout box is working again and no one seems to be SHOUTING lol!!!
tIffAnY: I got Jenni's CD today ... get it ... NOW! :) It's great stuff, like there was every any doubt!
guest: Yay!
Metzae: Vicarious
Suzan: Did you hear now we aren't suppose to eat lettuce now either there was a huge recall on it now too!
Metzae: Before long, they'll realize how shitty our food system is and we'll get back to subsistence farming. Ah, what a life!
BigJ: We'll all live on Ramen Noodles until China poisons it and the whole US is wiped out.
Metzae: Stewart/Colbert 2008
guest: doode helloooo
guest: uh, okay maybe not..
guest: suzan, this is michelle, you loser..
guest: okay well- leaving now. i dont really understand this place...
Metzae: I know. Reading is so complex.
Suzan: HAHAHAHA now that was funny
tIffAnY: Michelle who?
tIffAnY: lil' whoadie? haha, now that's wishful thinking isn't it ;)
tIffAnY: uh oh, I may get in trouble for saying that!!!
Suzan: ummm yeah one must think before they shout! ;)
tIffAnY: nah, I prefer not thinking before shouting ... kidding ... but for the record, I actually did think on this one first!
tIffAnY: who was it anyhow?
Suzan: I am pretty sure it was your sister.... but maybe not.
Metzae: Well, how many Michelle's do you know, Suzan?
Suzan: Well I guess about 3 and 2 of them I am very sure they dont know about your site so that settles it was the sister of Tiff!
Metzae: Vote for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in 2008!
BigJ: Dobbin in 4 days!!!
Metzae: Aw, shit. I won't be able to make it. :o(
Suzan: to everyone that is lives in Lubbock there is a party this thursday the 26th , keg and all! But no costume no cup! Going to be great let me know if you want to go and i will give you directions!
BigJ: thats too bad dude... gonna rain thursday so mushrooms will abound over the weekend
guest: dook?
guest: i am for final fantasy xii
Metzae: That's nice. I am for Final Fantasy LXIX.
Metzae: Rush Limbaugh will rot in hell.
BigJ: Please note: we will be coming to lubbock this weekend from friday until monday.
guest: Suh-weet!
Suzan: I would love to vote more but I lost the link and I dont know what the site was ... so mr metzae could you please send me the link again so i can vote more?
Suzan: Nevermind I am a dumbass!
Metzae: Please vote every hour for this site: Stewart/Colbert 2008 - MyRockin Profile Awards We're in the top 20 and almost in the top 10!
Metzae: Remember remember the fifth of November.
Metzae: The Democrats have taken control of the House AND the Senate, and that numbnut fuckwad Rumsfeld is going to step down. The pendulum is finally swinging back from the extreme right!
: Werd up from DC..48 degrees at the White House and feeling the Democratic love.
Metzae: I love the world.
Suzan: And why is that mr. metzae?
guest: what i'm needing is a fistfull of ireland.
Metzae: Snow! It's freakin' snowed! I love it...
Metzae: Yes, indeedy, I do. Tell Locrian I said hola.
guest: dudes. i'm drunk.
guest: i'm serious. dudes. drunk
guest: i remember once when i was at a certain webmasters trailer there was a bunch of people smoking cigarettes through a garden hose and a 5B trumpet mouthpiece.....
guest: no i'm serious. and they puked like bitches
guest: for reals. i remember.
Suzan: And we band nerds of the world still wonder why we get made fun of!
Metzae: I never wondered. I'm a dork and proud of it.
Metzae: The old makes a triumphant return! At least, I hope it does...
Roxy: Hola Eric ^_^ thanks for the invite :D really wish I could make it!!
Metzae: It's too bad you can't make it. There are going to be a lot of people there drinking a lot of Irish beer. It should be far too much fun.
guest: dreamtheatre=good
Metzae: Yes, they iz güt...
Metzae: So, Jerry Falwell is spending his first night in Hell. I hope he enjoys it, 'cause he'll be there forever!
guest: O_O
Roxy: Lol well thats great....
Roxy!: I gots a MYSPACE! WOooO
Macon: Delta!
jayded322: is there anybody who knows here i can find a wii? i relaly want one bad
Metzae: Yeah, and if anyone does find one, please let me know, too. I'm starting to freak out with a Nintendo. I know that's weird and geeky, but it's true.
whatthehell: what the hell is this site.. i have no idea where im going.. its all random and stuff..
Metzae: The new Dream Theater album is coming out in just over two weeks! I think Me likey.
jimmy: just wondering, but was there a jon stewart / stephen colbert media blitz recently? i saaw a bunch of banners on different peoples mysapces.
Roxy: You dork your should have told me earlier I just finished trading in my brand new Wii for an I-pod ^_^ (I won the wii free in a contest!)
Metzae: Today used to be really important to me. I'm so glad it isn't anymore.
Metzae: Stewart/Colbert was a question on Jeopardy the other night! The category was DC Comics and the answer was something about which comic duo is planning a campaign for election in 2008. Sweet!
Metzae: Dream Theater's new album, Systematic Chaos, has arrived! All praise the Ytsejam!
Erin: I love you Eric Metze.
seven: Me too, I love you to Eric
Erin: Aw, that's sweet.
guest: Thanks for the movie share totally awesome it got some wheels turning ;)
Metzae: Yes, Zeitgeist is mind-boggling and disturbing. I wonder if it'll make any difference.
guest: Ewic, Unfortunatly The people who want to change things are not in power, and those people who are in power don't want to change things...and so it goes, the rich will always strive to get richer while the poor just want to get by....damn those greedy bastards -.-
Metzae: Is that a new position? Persident? It definitely sounds more fun. ;o)
Erin: Who are you nameless guest who ttalks like Rosie?
guest: Who's Rosie? Yes Persident is alot more fun!
Metzae: Rosie is my moluccan cockatoo. She's a big, beautiful, intelligent bird.
guest: OH YA! She is perty :) I had two parrots time we were upstairs in the bedroom with the music blasted and my lil ankle biter came in and started staring down the birds, thats when the parrots started yelling "RWAARK WALK THE DOG WALK THE DOG" Unfortunatly, my pets never got along very well, but I also had a rooster who dominated the dogs and the cats and the pesky blackbirds that tried landing on our yard, but he sure did scare us when he started trying to crow !!
Metzae: Happy 7th Birthday!
Erin: Happy birthday, baby!
guest: happy anniversary of your day of birth
Erica: happy happy birthday!!!
guest: Happy Birthday!!!
guest: Ewic...Hmm, one thing that bugs me though abou tthat movie, the book of revelations has predictions about the future...such well primarily the coming of satan, the "chip" implanted in you ...if you refuse it well your dead.....the movie even shows that happening, how would a book written THAT long ago know about this that is currently happening?
Metzae: The book of revelations is as fictional as the crap that Nostradamus wrote. It just has vague references to things that might happen. It's just as accurate about certain things as it is inaccurate about many things, so it's hard to take it seriously.
guest: :: Shrugs:: I'm not one to defend the biblicalness hardcore , don't get me wrong I am not much for "Faith in God" either... But I sure hope there is no God lol cause if not I'm screwed!
Erin: Why's that, sugar? Call me naive but I can't imagine what a sweet little seventeen year old country girl could have done in her life to warrent eternal damnation. Do tell...
guest: Well technically SIN is just about everything lol think wrong...don't repent your going to if I don't believe in God, why would I repent to him? Therefore...well therefore if there is a God and I do need to repent to go into heaven, I won't make it into heaven because I didn't repent because I didn't beleive O_o Some long big cycle of something I think I lost myself somewhere in this lol
Erin: You're funny.
guest: I try?
Erin: Um...I don't know. Do you?
guest: ^_^ No not really, but the mojority of the time...the truth is a funny thing...O_o :: shruggles::
Metzae: The truth is such a funny thing that a lot of people can't handle it. Take all of the films on, for example. A lot of folks can't even stomach that some (or all) of these films have something important to tell us.
guest: Well some people truly believe ignorance is bliss....
Metzae: Oh, ignorance can definitely be blissful, but it's still ignorant. ;o)
guest: To me if there is ABSOLUTLY POSITIVLY NOTHING I can do about a situation, I wouldn't like it to keep me out of the know, but if there is something I can do...I want to know so I can do it...and wow I am totally trippin on those little rainbow mushrooms O_O
Metzae: Sweeeet...
Metzae: Agh! It's 7/7/7! You know what that means, right?
guest: I won alot of money? O_o
Metzae: It means absolutely nothing! Hooray for arbitrary dates!
guest: Darn I was hoping for the lots of money U_U
guest: EEKKK I had a very bad wierd freaking dream O_o I'm just kinda making sure your okay >_> <_< Or you okay O_O :: Pokes at Eric::
Erin: He's okay.
guest: ^_^ Well then tell him not to start a big huge political stand, gaining popularity and fame rapidly rising to power -_- cause he might get assinated! Keep him in Lubbock quietly making a stand O_O :: noddles:: Quietly! >_>
Erin: LOL I'll do what I can.
guest: ^_^
Metzae: You know, my family thinks I'm the anti-Christ. Maybe you're onto something. Actually, I would love to become the anti-Christ, but sicne it's a silly mythology, I don't have to worry about it.
guest: :: Shrug:: Im not against it because I would like to believe, I am not for it because I can't believe.... Oh woe to the thoughts and doubts and confusions!
Erin: There is nothing more beautiful or more frustrating than our desire to believe. It's what makes us human. However, the only thing that gives me hope is our propensity to question...
Erin: Sorry, that was kinda corny. But true.
Metzae: That was NOT corny! Geez, cut yourself some slack, Baby. ;o)
guest: LOL your you tube cheered me up lol super funny :P and nice Erin, too true
Erin: I like you too, baby. You make me laugh:-)
guest: ^_^ if your refering to me and "Ha ha" if your refering to Ewic
guest: :: Gasps:: "American SOldier brags about torture" Thats is Fuckkked up
Metzae: Exactly. That's why we shouldn't be so self-assured that our hearts and minds are in the right place. War is war.
guest: :: sighs:: Eric! I say we assinate bush >_> <_< O_O
Metzae: Careful. Words like that are dangerous even in a real democracy. We live in a police state now, so it's infinitely more dangerous to say things like that. Besides, who the FUCK wants that evil scumbag Cheney to be president? Talk about the anti-Christ.
guest: Lol How could there be an anti-christ without a christ?! :: grins::
Metzae: Consider the term "anti-Christ" an adjective...
guest: :: smirkles:: I want to be an Anti-Unicorn!!! WoOoOoO
guest: I want to get a tattoo ooO of a phoenix on my shoulder O_O to do or not to do >_< Does it hurt?
Erin: Yeah but it's not unbearable. I would wait a few years, though. I got one when I was your age and I've lived to regret it. Just keep in mind that ithey're permanent, and your taste at 17 may not reflect your taste at 27.
guest: O_O Im a with needles >_< rofl I heard it hurts more on bone, in that case I may just get one on my arse lol
Metzae: It's strange how the Innerweb works. I just moved this site to a new home, like moving your business to another building, and no one will notice but me (and those who find the random errors caused by the move).
Erin: Just found one...
Erin: Just found one...
guest: There was only one, I don't know why it did that. In fact I don't know why I'm typing this when I should really just tell you about it when you wake up:-p
borat : i like you i like sex
borat : i like you i like sex
Metzae: It's nice!
guest: o.O Innnntresting O.o
guest: Pssh Ewic no Happy Bday no nothing -.^
Erin: Happy belated birthday, darlin. Eric, you're an ass!
guest: =( T.Y Ewic, Tres Mean >.<
Metzae: Metzae Media Tower is now open for business! If you don't have Second Life, click here to get it. It's free!
guest: o.O Uberlicious! lol
guest: wtf?
guest: i just figured, that's all
Metzae: Wait...what?
guest: i know. most of the time its not even his fault. just go with the flow, she says. just stay back and toe the line, i say.
Erin: WHat the hell are you talking about?
Metzae: They're talking about feet.
Metzae: Happy Patriot Day! Let's party!
BigJ: Horray for patriots!
Metzae: There's a new section of the music quiz available! Click here to try it out!
Metzae: Happy birthday, Jennifer!
seven: I would do the music quiz but my cat ate my headphones. I know it sounds like a lame excuse but its true
Metzae: I hope my cat doesn't eat my headphones. 'Cause then I have to eat my cat.
guest: i know what your sayin. but hold on now. ya gotta understand what i'm preachin you dig? that's one thing i'm meanin. guarantee. but here it is, i guess: plazma rifle pwhns bi007ch$$
Metzae: !nd33d. Ind33d it does. It's tha 5hi2nit!
guest: Despite near-continuous coverage in the popular and business press, metaverses like Second Life are experiencing slowing growth and limited impact because of the tethered nature of their virtual world experience.
Metzae: The statistics seem to conflict with that statement. Aside from the fact that I haven't really seen near-continuous coverage, Second Life is growing and evolving to meet the demands of its users. The tethers, it seems, are being clipped.
its the porn that's ruining 2ndlife: Study: Second Life Overhyped
Metzae: That's just silly. That's like saying it's the porn that's ruining the internet.
wanker: porn = internet (fapfapfapfapfap)
Metzae: Well, I don't know what you use it for, but the internet hold more than just virtual sex for me...
BParks176: hello? i have a dog too.
Metzae: Sweet! What kind of a dog is it? What's its name?
BParks176: hello? can you tell me about what you have on your internet? i saw that you liked it.
BParks176: Mr. Pants. can i show you him on your world wide mail? mine is here on my internet but i can't see it in my work.
BParks176: are you there still?
Metzae: I'm always here.
BParks176: good. i wrote you a world wide mail its at the password is 123beatrice123 go see
Metzae: A world wide mail? Methinks you are messing with me.
go here:
Metzae: Feh. I don't like people calling themselves liberal or conservative anymore. I especially don't like it when people talk about "them" in reference to liberals or conservatives.
guest: what?
Metzae: I went to and the first article I saw was an Us vs. Them article attacking liberals. I don't even like it when liberals do it to conservatives...
guest: what?
Metzae: Me speaky Engrish. Wut U speaky?
Metzae: I just realized that Claire (from Heroes) might suffer through a terribly unfortunate side effect of her regeneration...
Metzae: Let's put it this way: it involves her chastity.
Roxy: =o What in gods name are you sending me your dork ^^ XD
: Awww Ewic =.= I am sowwy about sasha she was a absolute sweet heart =(
Metzae: Well, if you'd like to pay your respects, I can show you on Google Maps where she's buried. ;o)
guest: Penalty Chess- Mans worst creation?
Roxy: I would like that if I'm ever in the area =.= She was such a nice kitty =(
Metzae: Holy crap...that sucked. I had to move all of my sites to a new host....ALL of them.
Erin: Well, at leasy we're back in business now. I knew you could handle it, baby ;-p
Erin: In fact, I spent several days listening to you bitch and moan,, and don't get me wrong, I know it was a pain in the ass, but I really think it was worth it, in a way...
Erin : At least you were finally able to establish exactly where your bounderies are, so it shouldn't ever be a problem in the future...
guest: You're Server Crisis, that is...
Erin: Bottom line - I love you.
Metzae: I'm a Zombie Mogul! Unnnngh... Check out my zombie.
BigJ: Well hello there! Been a long time since I've been on here.
Metzae: Welcome back, brotha!
BigJ: So what's new on the site lately?
guest: i'm one of those young men
Metzae: Happy fucking new year! Bush and Cheney's last year...what a great year it is already shaping up to be.
BigJ: Happy New Year! [tweeeeeeeet!]
guest: Indeedy do =D
guest: Your website is great ewic ^^ so many things to explore bwahha
Metzae: That's the idea...there are things on the site that are hidden. Oops. I've said too much.
Erin: And yet some of us have said too little...iit is my humble opinion that if you can't even own up to your opinion by providing a name - alter-egos are definately allowed, just no ""guest"" bullshit - then you have something to hide....
Erin: So, my darling "guest", please don't be so timid! Your opinions are valid, Speak your mind, child, don't be ashamed of you name. That;s just wrong!
Jykle & hyde (Mwahahaha): LoL there is no "ALTER EGOS" Erin lol I'm just to lazy to put in My name but you know very well who I am ;D but I know about the hidden things already o.o You showed me some a long arse time ago I'm still stuck in your loop error though so bleh =O
Jykle & Hyde: O.o Who would do better for President...Hilary Clinton or Obama...Basically down to our first White Woman president or our First African American Male President T_T
Metzae: Obama rocks. Hillary is just another über politician.
BigJ: Agreed. I like him because he has little experience.
Uber goober!: Unfortunatly that may not be the case considering the countries racism... So because of that obama has a +++ Failed chance =/ but then again it does go as "Woman are USELESS" thing but consider women outnumber the men... XD Its up in the air o.O What was it N.H that Hilary won unexpectantly? And isn't it also that USUALLY or that there is a trend that whoever wins that (n.h) wins electoral o.O O.O Ohhhh the the the confuzzlment =.=
Metzae: The sad irony is that none of our votes are going to matter, so this whole presidential race has just as much meaning as any other horse race.
BigJ: Thus is the curse of living in a "red" state.
Metzae: I am constantly living in a red state, so to speak. But at least the Democrats are going to win the presidency, so that's good.
BigJ: it will only be good if the congress remains democratic as well. they gave bush a "rubber stamp" so why can't dems do the same?
Goopy Goopy Goober: Ewic you should run for president XD
Metzae: Yeah, right. I couldn't get elected nor would I want to be.
Metzae: People are increasingly not worth saving in my opinion.
Metzae: Check this out: MySpace Babe Awards
Metzae: So, does anyone here actually think Clinton is going to get the nomination?
guest: videos
Uberness: o.O so i get to see alot of scrappy clothing o.o wow I feel so LESBO!!!!!!
Awesome Possum!: Score for Clinton ^^ Woot!
Metzae: Yes, Clinton won three states. But did you realize that Obama won 12 in a row and is still leading by 150 delegates?
Metzae: I don't care that my children will think of me as a cultural stereotype, so...
Metzae: Si, se puede!
Erin: Don't worry, I'm sure that our children will forgive you.
Erin: Hee hee...I wonder how nervous I just made you;-)
Metzae: Hey Lubbockites, don't worry about voting today. I've got you covered! You wanted Obama, right? Good.
Sillyness!: Roflmao!! I personally Don't care who wins o.O I mean just as long as they don't fuck us up more than we already have been... XD I remember Back BACK BACK when we first met O.O and we were argueing about Bush. XD Thats when me you and was it Kimememememem that became friends and she would spam spam the chatroom wtih smileys XD hahah and kick everyone off XD
Sillyness!: What a Haxor!
Metzae: I know this is random, but Obama is NOT a Muslim.
Metzae: Obama isn't an elitist, either.
BigJ: so you're saying the religious right has been lying to us? Blasphemy!
Metzae: Oh, noooo...they don't have the moral inferiority to lie, unlike us dum libruls!
Metzae: Today's Friendly Advice: If you *ever* use an instant messenger like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, or Jabber, then you want to check out Meebo. Trust me.
Nerddddddies!: I could have told you that oh say forever ago =P
Metzae: All are one.
guest: This is J.D. just giving a shout to all my leebral friends. Glad ya'll are alive, but wish you were all mute and your fingers were broken. God love ya.
Metzae: LOL
Metzae: Dissent is a bitch, isn't it? :o)
Metzae: Oh, me! ( I need a Church of Christ perspective for a book I'm writing.
Metzae: So, tens of thousands of people have died in Burma and China over the past week. Does Iraq still seem like a good use of money? I'm just sayin'...
guest: What can we do? I mean whether WE think its a waste or not we can't do anything. We give allow idiots to govern "lead" us... and no one makes a stand! We need another Martin Luther King...AND NO I don't mean "OBAMA" lol. I mean we need an individual to start a stand in America...someone to say this isn't right...and ACTUALLY be listened to! But Erin said she wasn't allowing you to start a big political stand to AVOID your assassination -.o So your out of the poll! lol
Metzae: Bah! Obama is more of an MLK and JFK than any of these jackasses who have run in decades. If you won't get behind him, then you're just being contrary. Everyone knows he's the best candidate. The Republicans will for vote for McCain out of partisan loyalty, even they know that McCain is just a nice old war hero whilte Obama has the potential to be a great leader.
guest: Hey now, Eric has never had to ask my permission for anything that he has ever done. Of course I don't want my boyfriend to be assasinated, but at least I'd be able to make a few bucks by selling my story ;-)
Metzae: Seriously, over 50,000 people are dead that we know of in those two nations, and what the hell are we doing?
guest: We are putting money in peoples pockets. This is a "profit" war, seems more like a personal vendetta. Btw I need some help writing some code O.o cause I don't know where the hell to start... Know anyone that is uber awesome and could help writing a code script thing thing to make the other things go vroom! XD
Metzae: I'm sure you can find someone that could help with that.
guest: Not really I don't know anything that works with codes other than you, and usually the person that does it knows other people that do it too! So have any friends that could give me a quick helping hand...
guest: anyone that warks with *
BigJ: Whoa whoa whoa.....Obama is black?
Metzae: LOL
Metzae: Let it be known that John is a funny dude.
Metzae: Wanna play a game that doesn't cost anything, doesn't have to be downloaded, and doesn't take more than a few minutes out of your day? Then join us on Travian!
guest: I play Tribal wars o.O Its neato!
guest: =P
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Metzae: That's annoying.
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Metzae: Damnit. This shoutbox was so cool for so long, and now this fucking asshole comes spamming. No one wants your stupid pills, Jack.
<3: O.O Woot! Viagra!! I need to grow a penis!! -.- Gimme gimme!!! =P (Can't you add a anti spam Eric?)
SexBOT: I r sexy
Metzae: My sister is moving to Houston today.
BigJ: Don't worry Eric. We'll take care of her. It just means you'll have to come visot more often. :)
Metzae: Perfectly fine with me! I love visiting joo guyses. :o)
Metzae: Roxy isn't allowed to post here anymore.
guest: Boowhoo =P
Metzae: BOOM!
Erin: Loud noises are scary.
guest: lets whisper....
Metzae: I hate spammers. They're almost as worthless as telemarketers and proponents of Intelligent Design.
BigJ: Creationists are the worst of all. At least telemarketers try to sell you something "real".
Metzae: Oops. I let the domain lapse. Sorry about that!
guest: Darwin's Intelligent Design
J.D. the Creationis: They have some funny stuff. Check it out.
Metzae: ::sigh:: I love you JD, but guys like that just don't get it.
Metzae: Intellignet Design is non-scientific, and claiming that it is scitentific doesn't make it more or less sciency.
Metzae: The main difference between ID and science is the end result. In the end, ID just proves that God created the world the way he wanted and it's time for all of us to get ready for the rapture. Science tries to understand evolution so we can better understand the world and *why* things happen the way they do. If the answer to the "Why?" is God then what do we gleam from that? How does that help us understand the world better?
Metzae: I refuse to engage in a "debate" that pits Darwin vs. God. That's a non-point for Creationists who are trying to prove the existence of God, a topic that is entirely unrelated to biology and the evolution of life.
J.D.: ::Sigh::I really really was not trying to spark a debate. Just giving a shout out to an interesting site that has videos with some humor. There are some funny ones about racism and other topics. I know better than to "get in to it" here with a hostile audience. And not all telemarketers are trying to sell you something "real". So it's settled, we will not engage in a debate. Thanks.
Metzae: Now, now...just because I won't argue a non-point doesn't mean I am hostile audience. That video starts out with an assertion that is a non-point, so the rest of the "debate" that would follow it would be pointless. It's like us debating whether or not Obama is a Muslim...

Metzae: The shoutbox has been temporarily permanently disabled until I can find a way to stop these idiots from spamming it. Sorry, everyone...