I went through my music collection and created several very short audio clips in MP3 format. The clips are just long enough for you to figure out, but hopefully not long enough to make it too obvious. Click the music quiz link on the left side of Metzae.net and it will give you a list of the sections. Use that to navigate through the quiz.
Step: 1 Listen
Play each clip or download the entire collection here. The file is just under 14MB, so you'll have to be fairly patient (especially on dialup).
Step 2: Answer
Select the song name (1 point) and/or the artist name (1 point).
Step 3: Score
Click the submit button and find out your score!
Step 4: Submit
Send your score to me no matter how well (or poorly) you think you did. You can always go back and try again, and I will update the Hall of Fame to show your score.
Step 5: Keep Going!
After you've finished one section, try the others.